Job interviews are for most Candidate pure Stress. It depends on the Perspektive to: Instead of solicitation, it's just a sales pitch. and a good one exercise, if the rejection comes.


Applications as sales talks in own thing

Who is sell If you want to, and that includes applying for a job, you can also fail. Here it helps to simply change your perspective: Instead of just asking yourself apply, you can see the whole thing as a sales talk on your own behalf. And as good practice.

Then, if you really fail, don't be too specific next time. An example of a typical situation that you have to come to terms with spontaneously.

Now just clarify the last details?

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You take the elevator to the fourth floor. The ping of the opening door rings auspicious in your ears. The door sign Company shines at you. Now you will make the deal perfect. The assistant manager has your name ready because you were here a week ago.

Get to know the Executive. Big plans for the coming months. He needs good people. They have ideas shown, brought arguments, it went great! You knew: I'm in the right place here. And luckily for you, you have the second one right away Conversation arrested. Now the details of the employment contract are negotiated and you are sure for surethat there is agreement. The manager welcomes you in your Office .

Vote of no confidence in the applicant

Oh, it doesn't start well. Somehow, at first he looked pretty relaxed and unconventional - and now he is seriously arriving with a lack of experience? "Um ..." is all you get out. “So that we can get a better picture of you, we ask you to work with us for a day. Best of all right now. ” The proposal hits you in the face.

However, his gaze is less open than it was last week. Suddenly a rather icy wind blows against you. "Around Honestly to be, we still have serious concerns about your lack of industry experience."

When suddenly an icy wind blows: what is in store for you?

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What happened? Quite simply: Your interlocutor has dropped his impressions, has spoken to your supervisor or colleagues about you. And now all open points are queried again.

You may also be asked to Presentation to prepare or you may even have an unexpected test coming your way. Also typical for the second interview: There are other decision-makers at the table who you also have to convince. You may have a future colleague in front of you here.

Too many cooks spoil the broth?

And although the head of department wants your attitude, this colleague tries to torpedo the matter. He doesn't want you ins Team come. Now you must once again be very skillful sell – and in the best case, make reference to your “door opener” or “recommender”.

In a second call, you can once again face basic objections, even if you thought that you had long since exhausted them. The biggest mistake you can make at this point: do not arm yourself! Here are 4 tips on how to arm yourself.

Dealing with cancellations properly

In any case, you should take the challenge in a sporty way: Countering attempts to knock you down Seller actually constantly: No, too expensive. No, no staff. No, we have our suppliers. How do I handle this? The Solution is to see it as a sporting challenge. In fact, that's the only sensible attitude.

It's like a soccer game. Imagine you are on the field during a soccer game and the opposing team launch an attack. What are you doing? Ideally, you run off your opponent, take the ball away from him and start a counterattack. And it is the same as on the football field with objections. They come up to you with full force. But you are not at your mercy, because you can react to it.

7 Appropriate Reactions for Cancellations

It slips out of your mouth every time you try to access it Hand. So you now have to find out what beliefs your interlocutor really has – and what he may not or cannot see at the moment.

  1. “It's all about Paris.”: A responsibility dispenser. A hassle-free slider. However, if you follow, you will notice that Paris does not have everything in its hands. Maybe select the pre - but you have the actual decision maker in front.
  2. “It doesn't work that way; everyone could come. ”: A Stone Age reaction: Careful, someone is coming into my cave! The good news is that if you manage to stay in the cave long enough, your counterpart will take confidence. He needs a little moment to judge you.
  3. "We have no need.": Every company has needs, always. You know that - but obviously not your interlocutor. Not yet.
  4. "No no interest.": Oops! How does your counterpart want to know? He doesn't even know you yet. When he says that, he says, "Something else is more important right now." Maybe also: "I am not the right contact person." Find out.
  5. “We have hiring freeze”: Oops, the company seems to be on austerity. Does not perhaps go so well? Embarrassing for your opposite, but not for you. On the contrary, everything is still open to you. Because the setting stop will not be a state for all eternity.
  6. "We just hired.": What your opponent does not have on screen: Although everything is going well, it does not have to be forever. The new employee may prove to be a problem during the probationary period. In addition, employees always get out again and again. In this respect applies: need exists.
  7. "We do not accept young professionals.": O weia, because someone is afraid. Or bad experiences. Or was never even a beginner - true, that can not be, at any time was also your opposite times newbie. It is best to remember it.

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