The Welt of Executives becomes more and more unstable. So the assumption is a Companys to operate on the technocratic model of a trivial machine and as a helmsman “to have everything under control”, although still widely used, has long since ceased to do justice to reality.

Leadership with resonance

 Cope with increasing complexity

To this day, the terms “goal achievement” and “Planning“. In the future, recognizing and reflecting on connections (context) will be much more important than the skills behind these terms. One Strategy to cope with complexity is the formation of patterns. Orientation knowledge gains in importance.

It is important to distinguish which framework conditions are significant and important for the desired changes. This loses what appears to be objectively available Background in importance. The question of which action strategies are effective and significant also recedes into the background. For the manager of the future, this is accompanied by a change of role: instead of being a “planner”, responsibility for the successful one Implementation to take over processes, the "partner" is asked, who is in the Team Reflection surface in the context-clarifying Communication offering.

The time of central dirigism comes to an end

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In the old management world – Management 1. Order – creative power is exercised over structures (organizational charts, hierarchies, etc.). In the management world that will become increasingly important in the future - management 2nd order - the executive 4.0 acquires creative power by creating framework conditions in which organizations move into new model states using their inherent resources.

For this, too, the manager who will be successful in the future must grow into new roles. The “pioneer” and the “control body” become a “participant” and a “initiator” in networks. The decisive factor will be the extent to which the manager manages to achieve an emotional response. Meeting these new requirements requires a clear higher social sensitivity than initially assumed. Cooperation beyond cultural, age-dependent and gender-specific borders is required in intelligent networks of the future.

Serving leadership as a guiding principle

It is noteworthy that with the digitization of the Working world concomitant changes of those People, the Guide understand as service to the community, apparently without greater Problems be managed. The word “serve” may sound foreign in the context of leadership and could be misunderstood. It's not about one leading and the others serving or vice versa, all others leading and one serving.

Rather, it is about the question of what image of man the manager carries within himself and thus treats himself and the people entrusted to him. Even if I have a different role as a manager, i.e. a different part of the Organization am, it's about treating my counterpart as an equal part of the organization. Unfortunately, many leaders have not really understood the difference between being different and being equal.

Differentiate between persons and actions

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Specifically, that means in everyday management differentiate between people and their actions. In an atmosphere of mutual Esteem and respect will Criticism not perceived as hurtful humiliation but as important feedback on the development of resources and potential.

Instead of harping on weaknesses Power placed in the centre. When leaders learn to understand that feeling appreciated and accepted is as important as breathing air, when they learn to take back their own ego and theirs Employees accepting them as they are, then "resonance" takes place. Employees willingly and voluntarily follow such managers.

Are companies and executives “fit for the future”?

All Honestly? Apparently No! At least a large part of the managers who work for me as a personnel consultant and executive Training encounter every day spiegeln a partly catastrophic picture again. There is often a big difference between the claim “The focus is on people” - often to be found in the glossy brochures of companies - and reality.

Especially from owner-managed, small and medium-sized companies where the generational change is imminent and the Founders the rudder from the Hand must give, executives often report that the way they are treated is outrageous.

Pitfall for business

What was practiced as a recipe for success in the early days and in the years that followed is now a snare and an existential threat. Young, committed executives in particular avoid such cultures or leave the organization. The Solution is anything but easy, but it starts at the top of the hierarchy - with the owner, the shareholder, the management and the board of directors.

Reflecting on one's own role, questioning one's view of humanity and leadership and entering into an open, trusting and change-ready dialogue for sure the first step on a longer journey. It is always better to actively pursue change than to let reality catch up with you and lapse into activism.

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