At the moment the change of Facebook-Feeds again strongly in the discussion. A look into the past shows how much all changes to the feed have had on user behavior so far.

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Private becomes more present

Since every user has a summary of numerous activities of friendly Facebook-User receives, he has a precise insight into who uploaded which photos and when, who commented on whose status message, to which group he joined and from which facebook-Site he has become a fan.

The fact is: Facebook has undergone a decisive paradigm shift in terms of privacy settings on Fac since the introduction of the news feed at the latestebook accomplished. And this affects immensely Privacy the user off.

Everyone sees everything

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In addition, the news feed shows when a user creates a new Workplace registered or changed his relationship status. The latter is usually an explosive one Information, which can result in a large chain of reactions. A new form of public handling of personal data is presented here.

Information that was previously classified as personal, such as the separation from the life partner, is now no longer just explained in private, but is visible to all befriended users on Facebook communicates.

Disruption of the social norm

Even if the introduction of the news feed in his time for big Criticism in the ranks of the already registered Facebook-Users, the aggregation of information from the news feed has become one of the main functions on Facebook.

Nevertheless, with this example, a basic feature related to the desires and expectations of users of social networks clear, namely that of the “disruption of the social norm”.

Resistance to the newsfeed

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uniebook has bundled the available information without prior notice and restructured its perception. This did not correspond to the habits of the users, which aroused certain expectations over time.

At the beginning, users were not clear about what sources of information the news feed was and how much their own activities exposed them to the public. This was a condition that led to enormous uncertainty.

Are the users themselves to blame?

Jared Spool analyzed the procedure Facebooks as increase the visibility of information that was already available anyway, thereby ruling out that privacy was being breached.

"No invasion of privacy was occurring - just an increase in the visibility of already available information."

Study: Blind Trust in Facebook?

A 2006 study by Acquisti and Gross shows that Trust of users in Facebook At that time it was relatively high, especially when compared to the level of trust that users had in the networks Friendster or MySpace contrary brought.

At the same time, the study shows that Facebook-Users do not know exactly how Facebook the information they provide is further processed. 56% believed that Facebook does not share any personal information of the user with third parties.

User: Falsch informiert

This also explains the great uncertainty that has arisen with the introduction of the news feed. Users were not adequately informed about how visible the information they are on Facebook to adjust.

From today's perspective, the introduction of the news feed was one of the most important steps with regard to developing Facebooks as a platform. The establishment of the news feed enabled third-party providers for the first time to make externally developed applications accessible to a broad masses using viral network effects.

Newsfeed the success of the fan sites

The so-called Facebook- Focus on faces. Their architecture is similar to that of a user's profile, but with the difference that there is no limit to the number of “fans” (which is analogous to limiting the number of friends in a user profile to 5000).

Artists, brands, clubs etc. can refer to Facebook with their own profile and thus collect fans and, above all, exchange ideas with them. Fansites are the usual Features of a profile, so there is a bulletin board, photo albums, lists of fans, etc.

The probability of interaction is increasing

For example, as soon as a user is enthusiastic about a certain artist and expresses this through an activity such as becoming a fan, this becomes SALE visible to all his friends in the news feed.

The likelihood increases that one or more of the friends will join this action and join the Facebook-Fansite of the artist thus cascading under the facebookUsers and the artist thus generates a large number of fans.

Lack of transparency in newsfeed

That the implementation of the news feed has a positive benefit for the Facebook and their users have now recognized them. What was criticized at that time, however, was the lack of transparency and information about the changes in attitudes.

In addition, access to the privacy settings was also made considerably more difficult by the lack of user friendliness at this time. As a result, users, just like once again in December 2009, involuntarily disseminated information that they classified as private.

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