Your personality is tailor-made for certain situations. It is in these situations that you are most likely to customers or Freund create decisive added value.

Effective attitude-occurrence

Convince by fascination

These are the moments with the greatest likelihood that you will excel. And it's the moments when you use your core assets. When you intrigue someone by leading the way with your assets, they open up to you message. Then, and only then, will you have the opportunity to convince.

Let's say you think you're funny. Of their Opinions after is Humour one of your best qualities. There is only one Problem: Nobody finds you funny. And now?

Humor is not a vacuum

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That's a problem. Humor is a two-way affair. It is one Feedback– Loop between you as the teller of a joke and yours Audience.

Humor doesn't happen in a vacuum. How you see yourself is not enough. You also need to consider how that Welt She sees. If nobody thinks you're funny... well, then you probably aren't funny either.

Through the eye of the beholder

Humor is in Eye of the viewer. As are amiability, leadership, and a host of other subjective qualities rooted in viewers' perceptions. You have voting rights, but your listener has veto power.

You may find yourself lovable, but the world perceives you as a cold hearted curmudgeon. The connection is practically interrupted. You may see yourself as respected, or independent, or pragmatic, but if no one agrees, you're out of luck.

Systematically record their impact

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By looking at yourself and yours from the outside Effect If you systematically record the audience, you can achieve better results - whether as a comedian, kindergarten teacher or negotiator in crises.

When you understand how the world sees, hears, and responds to you, you can become more successful. It is in your power.

Ignorance does not help

You may not have thought about this question before. It might feel strange. Perhaps it makes you feel insecure, embarrassed, or even vain, as if you have been around too long Spiegel consider.

If you ... this Perspektive however, if you ignore them, you will fall behind. If you want your messages to be heard and remembered when they are important ideas and express opinions, you need an accurate and complete picture of how you actually communicate and how that is perceived by others.

Communicate correctly

In the modern Working world (unless you find yourself shipwrecked and alone on a desert island where physical survival is your number one and only concern) you need to know how to communicate and connect with others.

If no one listens or remembers your message, it has failed. According to Forbes magazine, “A study conducted by the Carnegie Institute of Technology shows that 85 percent of your financial success is based on 'human engineering' skills, your personality and your ability to communicate negotiate and lead. Only a surprising 15 percent is expertise.”

Our survival depends on our social environment

We live in a social environment that is anything but a desert island. Our survival depends on our ability to bridge the gap between ourselves and others. Most of us interact with others throughout the day People, be it in person or online.

We must convince and persuade. For the 99 percent of life that is not on the deserted island, you will want to know how the world sees you.

Repeat successes

And the more you understand and identify your own unique approach, the better you can do yours Success Repeat when convincing others. The Objective is making your success an intentional and controlled act, rather than a series of happy (and random) events.

Think back to those times in your life and yours Career, in which you made a breakthrough. When your assets stood out and enabled you to create distinctive value and thrive.

Your greatest achievements

Now look at those Future: What are the moments when you are most likely to be at your best? How can you create more moments like this?

When you look back at your professional accomplishments, you shouldn't see them as isolated and random events, but rather as markers that point to your greatest natural talents. By contemplating these moments, you can Pattern find and recognize how you add value.

If you do not know your value, you can not expect others to know it.

Your multi-dimensional personality

Have you ever seen a 3D movie without 3D glasses? It is nothing but a distorted mess of information. Instead of being impressed, you will be confused. But as soon as you put on the 3D glasses, your gaze becomes focused. Suddenly the confusing mess becomes clear.

The scene has depth and Significance. You can grasp the information in front of you and understand what is happening there. Similarly, here are your personal 3D glasses to understand the patterns happening around you. Situations that seemed confusing at first suddenly become clear.

The answer to the "why"

You recognize how the people around you communicate according to their different merits. An example: So far you have Behavior some people in your life may be confused. Why does the office manager keep coming to your Workplace and asks for update?

Why does this friend of yours show off with her latest professional success? If you have a first understanding of the seven advantages, you can already better interpret this behavior. You can use the “lens” of the seven benefits to see what's really going on around you.

Recognize the code

Once you understand the underlying code of how people communicate, your interactions will become more productive. You will see why one Employees sticks to details while another refuses to stick to even the roughest of schedules.

Suddenly you understand why the one Customer the sales pitch begins with chatter while another never seems to say anything. When you understand the “languages” people speak, you can connect faster and more authentically.

Find your source of inspiration

You need to know how others see you in the best possible way so that you can confidently deliver more of it. Pay attention to what you are already doing right and do more of it.

Find your source and make the most of it. That's why it's important to recognize how they see other people.

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