Storytelling is in the modern Marketing and a successful corporate communication indispensable. But you need good stories.

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Why stories are so very effective

Storytelling requires one thing above all: narrative material. But effective stories that can be passed on don't just happen that way. they are made. And then distributed in a targeted manner. So you don't just find new good ones Employees, but also customerswho buy.

People love to share their stories with other people. We like to talk, especially when we are emotionally touched. This is called social sharing in the language of the web. In addition to sharing, it also serves to organize feelings. Negative feelings can be mitigated by talking about them. This gives you relief.

Stories translate information into emotion

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Positive feelings, on the other hand, can be amplified and prolonged by talking about them. Contents with low emotional value are hardly shared with others, whereas very emotionalizing content is often shared. In this way, vendors can be on everyone's lips. This happens especially when they tell content as a story. The more emotional, the more viral.

Stories magically cast a spell over us. They increase credibility because they are much more memorable than numbers, data and facts. When told masterfully, they have incredible psychological power. They make you curious and captivate you awareness .

Good stories are cinema in the thinker

Good stories loosen up and relax. They evoke a feeling of familiarity. They address and activate the imagination. They even make extremely complicated relationships understandable. And you increase the power of persuasion. They promote listening, understanding, retaining and agreeing without being pushy.

Brain researchers believe that every thought and decision process is accompanied by inner images that our brain constructs in a ceaseless process of creation. These constructions are based on images of perceptions which send our senses to the brain convolutions, the images of memories of earlier experiences, and the inner images of the imagination.

Good narratives are at the core of any branding

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Good Seller and exciting brands set off a veritable mental cinema with their stories. Marketers call this brain scripts. “We are all looking for our own story. The brain scripts, the stories of others, help us to do this,” writes the Austrian media dramaturge Christian Mikunda in his book The Forbidden Place or The Staged Seduction.

If only the cerebral, number-obsessed managers would finally understand that people would rather be seduced by stories than by factual representations and sober facts. While PowerPoint presentations are popular, it's extremely unprofessional to try to get others to use them.

3 Steps to a good story: Management needs story-tellers

Incidentally, the US scientist and Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman has experimentally proven that it is not those who come up with the best arguments who gain the sovereignty of interpretation, but rather those who tell the most coherent story. Stories also make companies and their employees more human.

1. Story making instead of storytelling

Storymaking stands before the story. This requires surprising products, fascinating service, extraordinary encounters. What people tell about it must be sought and found. Altogether there are three directions:

For example, you can report on the successes that customers have achieved with your help, which personalities have something to do with your products or in which exciting places they are used. You can tell stories about special people in your company and episodes from their entrepreneurial life Everyday life give the best.

A look behind the scenes is also interesting. Chat about special production methods, rare raw materials and (hopefully positive) events from their countries of origin. They can reveal the stories behind inventors and their innovations, or the Future Your Industry sketch.

2. Very productive: stories about the beginning

Also curiosities from the early days of a Company make good stories. At Innocent, the European market leader for smoothie fruit juices, it sounds like this: Our story began in 1998, when our Founders Richard, Jon and Adam on the Idea came to make smoothies. They bought fruit for £500, mixed it into smoothies and offered it at a jazz festival in London.

A sign hung in front of their booth asking, "Should we quit our jobs to keep making smoothies?" Underneath they had placed two rubbish bins, one said yes, the other said yes No. On Sunday evening the yes bucket was full of empty bottles. On Monday they went to work and quit their jobs to start Innocent.

3. For example, the founding myth of Apple

In his biography of Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson brings the founding myth of Apple to life. It all started in 1976. The Boy Company badly needs a name. At first, the founders can think of all sorts of technical-sounding terms. Jobs has just gone on a fruit diet and returned from an apple orchard.

Inspired by this, he proposes after initially unsuccessful search the name Apple. That sounds friendly and peppy to him and takes the computer world coolness and sharpness. In addition, they would stand in front of Atari in the phone book. He tells his partner, Steve Wozniak, that he wants to stay with the name Apple if they can not think of anything better until the next day the founding application is made. And so it happened.

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