A special one Vocational Training for Startups-Employees - How come? Because there are different conditions for entering a tech startup than for a traditional job – at least that’s the opinion of Andrew Hoag, Managing Director Europe at the Startup Institute.

start-up education

How does traditional vocational training work?

Basically, the traditional German (training) system works: It prepares for the lifelong Things to Learn before and shows how Reset can be acquired. On the other hand, the accusation that it does not offer enough insight into professional practice is not based solely on German System applies.

In many countries it is common to learn the real “work” only during the first job. After all, there are already some certified internship and trainee programs in Germany for starting your career.

Other conditions apply to start-ups

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But for a successful entry into the startup scene, today's professionals must have qualities that go far beyond the previous standards of the industry Working world go out:

Instead of slow Ascent, continuous increase in responsibility and lengthy training, the right knowledge and skills count from day 1 as well as a big one Network for work in a young tech company.

Chaotic environment, no fear of mistakes

The work environment in a startup is chaotic by nature, so its employees have to be flexible, curious and decisive.

Above all, they are not allowed to Anxiety face mistakes, but face the challenge of growing beyond yourself with every misstep. This is in stark contrast to the traditional one Career in a large corporation.

Guaranteed for nerve-racking experiences

Simply vote for the next best startup decide, only at fast Joining a hip company is almost a guarantee for a time-consuming and nerve-wracking experience:

On the one hand it is difficult to get a job among the stars of the German startup scene if you don't have the necessary network, on the other hand the fast-moving startupShop inexperienced employees - in the worst case, the supposed career start ends in a quick dismissal.

Startup hopping is also not a solution

And startup hopping from one employer to another isn't either Solution. So how do potential startup employees avoid getting off on the wrong foot and tripping over their own claims?

Therefore, a suitable training can be helpful. The training period does not have to be long, on the contrary:

Compressed knowledge from practice

The knowledge from several years of professional experience in the startup scene, compressed in a few months, is sufficient for an optimal and purposeful preparation for the work in a startup. Teachers who are active in the scene also offer direct access to the startup ecosystem as well as the insight.

Even the greatest challenge in a young company, the ability to deal with mistakes and learn from them, can be learned.

Learn to deal with mistakes

Precisely because the traditional education system does not provide for such missteps, an important aspect of a young person's everyday working life is missing Company.

For example, in our programs at Startup Institute, we use projects as exercisethat were “designed” to fail from the start. This helps young talents to deal with their fear of failure and at the same time self-confidence build up, since the situation in the "real" professional life would no longer be completely new.

The chaos is played back

The chaos in a young tech company can also be easily reenacted in a start-up apprenticeship and then tamed: realistic work situations from the Company are re-enacted, as are moments in day-to-day business when nobody has time to explain something in more detail.

How do you best deal with such situations? What instruments are suitable to balance or even manage the chaos at least?

What a startup training does

What was previously only possible through the famous “learning by failing” could be training for startup employees who have the mindset, skills and network of the Industry mediated, take over from now on.

In this way, she could make a decisive contribution to making more People have a better picture of what they expect from a startup, what they want and what they are likely to be most successful at.

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