laughing Companys track winnersStrategies. They are lively and vibrate in a wonderfully positive way. Your employees are full of life, fit as a fiddle, highly motivated and wholeheartedly ready to work for the Company to put in a lot of effort. This can only be achieved with such high-performance teams Future .

Employee in a laughing company

Laughing companies attract the best as magically

In laughing companies there is a buzz of fun, a greenhouse climate for brilliant achievements and a biotope for good ones ideas. They lay the perfect basis for top performance and economic Success. Buy from such companies customers always happy. And they tell the whole Welt, Why it is like that. So if the mood is right, then the results will be right in the end.

It is an age-old prejudice and a dangerous error to believe that Fun and work don't go together. Exactly the opposite is the case. live and Lachen create sympathy in the company. And mutual affection favors success. laughter conquers Anxiety and takes care of Trust. Laughter activates this Brain, it stops us healthy and makes creative.

What we enjoy, we work for, we like it light, we do that gladly and well. One of the best clues as to how healthy a company is is the level of humor there: laughing together in Meetings, with the Executive, in the corridors and in the canteen. Because only those who are well have something to laugh about.

Laughing companies are high-performance generators with heart

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Laughing companies are not a children's birthday party, but high-performance generators with a passion. They constantly offer their employees new challenges - at the core of their talents and on the basis of willingness. There we find an excellent level of performance, an open, honest back-and-forthCommunication and noticeable mutual Esteem.

Laughing companies produce winners who can and are proud of their top results. A laughing corporate culture thus does not spring from a socially romantic cuddle course, but from an unmistakable economic calculation.

In laughing companies namely becomes the available Energy constructive and not used destructively. The view of the whole Organization is directed outwards, i.e. on the market and the customers, because nothing bad threatens from inside the company - and no danger that unnecessarily ties up strength.

Why laughing companies deceive the customers

creativity can only arise in clear minds. And only in a positive climate do loyalty thrive, Commitment, willingness to assume responsibility and creative power over the long term. Developments and trends are sensitively perceived. The willingness to innovate is high. Changes are interpreted as an opportunity and not as a threat.

There is a willingness to participate at a high level across departmental and company boundaries, so that ideas, Background and insights can always be combined in different ways. The creativity that unfolds in the process leads to constantly new outstanding ones Solutions and thus out of the copy trap.

It is particularly important for employees who are close to the customer to work in a happy company, because they bring the corporate culture to market. So it is essential to keep an eye out for optimists during the job interview and to check not only their ability, but also their will. This can be seen, among other things, in the answer to the following question: "Who is actually responsible for ensuring that you enjoy your work?"

How dopamine euphoria puts us in top shape

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ExecutivesPeople who want excellence are better off providing their employees with positive kicks rather than threatening them with the scourge of failure. Because challenges inspire. The one briefly associated with it Stress has no negative effects, quite the opposite. He gets us in top form. The reward for Things to Learn and getting better is a powerful drug: the bliss of having surpassed yourself.

With reaching higher Set the brain floods our body with dopamine euphoria, which makes us increasingly efficient, enterprising, in a positive sense also prepared to take risks and certain of victory. And it rewards our efforts by building millions of high-performance neurons.

Knowledge workers in particular experience this phenomenon. Because flashes of inspiration are also accompanied by dopamine. This leads to an activation of large groups of neurons and to a stronger networking of the learning content. Persistent frustrations, on the other hand, ensure that People her ambition verlieren, because dopamine production ebbs.

How to become a laughing business

Executives should do the whole thing Team Let work on the working atmosphere, because everyone is jointly responsible for it in their own way. I suggest the following procedure: Draw a scale from zero to ten, with ten being the highest grade.

Select a criterion from the laughing section. Then let each individual employee mark anonymously the number of the department as a whole. Subsequently, all should work together on how the values ​​can be improved by one scale point up to a point in time x.

Such scaling questions can make a perceived state very visible, without having to explain it long and wide. In addition, generalizations or generalizations can be relativized in this way: instead of a categorical good or bad, gray areas become visible. Finally, improvements can be sought together in small, feasible steps.

Graphic corporate culture scale

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