The former federal capital Bonn still has a lot to offer as a UN location and Beethoven city - especially for congresses and events Meetings: The UN climate conference also takes place here regularly.

Meetings Beethoven Bonn

UN campus with a view of the Rhine

The view from the river promenade up the Rhine shows the classic Bonner panorama: on the left the Siebengebirge with the Petersberg, on the right the deputy house of the Bonner Republik, the long Eugene, which stands apart from the massive Posttower rather than the short Eugene, now part of the UN Campus, which was designated as extraterritorial territory.

The campus, center of the United Nations Organizations in Bonn, was founded on 11. July 2006 was inaugurated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and then UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. 2013, the southern part of the Bundeshaus at the United Nations, was added to the campus in July and is currently being expanded.

Meetings Beethoven Bonn

International conferences in Bonn

Since Bonn is the seat of the UN Climate Secretariat, last May, three bodies of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) met with around 4000 participants, and the International Bureau of the World Biodiversity Council, IPBES, also based in Bonn, directed 28. and 29. January, here the 4. National IPBES Forum.

In addition, numerous other national and international conferences are regularly held in Bonn, not only on the subject Sustainability and Climate protection instead of. That shows which international Significance Bonn still has for meetings and conferences today - and how many different options of exciting, historical locations.

Meetings Beethoven Bonn

1. Meetings in the Beethoven House

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One of the most famous of these is surely the birthplace of the composer Ludwig van Beethoven in Bonn's inner city. The Beethoven-Haus association houses here the world's largest Beethoven collection with 17.000 original documents from Beethoven's Bonner and Viennese period, as well as the Japanese emperor. What is exciting is that parts of the house can also be rented for special events:

Meetings Beethoven Bonn

There is, for example, the chamber music hall for up to 200 persons, which can be booked for concerts or lectures. The German post office recently had an event. For small presentations up to 40 persons the small lecture hall is available. Four house pianists can be booked for the musical accompaniment on the prepared wings, but companies can also bring their own pianists, who play on one of the waiting wings.

For the get-together there is in the small garden a terrace with Sonnensegelgel. You can also eat well near the Beethoven-Haus: the Brauhaus Bönnsch offers excellent traditional Rhenish cuisine at moderate prices.

Meetings Beethoven Bonn
Meetings Beethoven Bonn

2. The redoubt

If you want to see the place where Beethoven 1792 played before Joseph Haydn and finally became his masterclass, and where a performance of Mozart's Magic Flute took place in the year 1793, he must go to Bad Godesberg in the south of the city. The Redoute, built under Kurfürst Max Franz 1790-92, can now be booked for meetings, conferences and seminars.

Meetings Beethoven Bonn

A total of seven rooms are provided for this, from the 200 m2 Beethoven Hall for up to 300 people to the 25 m2 Rosa Salon for up to 30 people, as well as a 165 m2 terrace. In addition to the Redoute, the cozy Redüttchen, originally the gardener's house, is suitable for events in a special ambience system .

Meetings Beethoven Bonn
Meetings Beethoven Bonn

3. The Hilton

Opposite the Bonn Opera, also directly on the Rhine, the Hilton is the only larger congress hotel in the city center: a classic 4-star hotel with excellent service:

Perfect business service

The opening hours of the pool and fitness room are also on Sundays from 5.30 a.m Business-Guests matched, the very good breakfast offers a rich selection also of fresh, healthy food - and the evening meal is also excellent.

The Hilton 252 offers its guests typically furnished rooms and suites, some with direct views of the Rhine. In the group area, room prices range between € 99,00 (quiet weekend) and € 299,00 (exhibition time) in a single room including breakfast.

Meetings Beethoven Bonn
Meetings Beethoven Bonn

Meetings and cuisine at the Hilton

For meetings are 14 rooms, also partly directly overlooking the Rhine, for 12 to a maximum of 300 people available, there is also a large terrace overlooking the Rhine.

The standard packages for meeting guests from 10 persons include a full day stay at € 69,00 per person including room rental, standard equipment (beamer, screen, flipchart), two coffee breaks including snacks, lunch buffet or menu, soft drinks in the meeting room and lunch. For a half-day stay with only one coffee break € 59,00 will be charged. Furthermore, promotional prices or even individual packages can be offered, but always depends on request volume and period.

Meetings Beethoven Bonn

Highly recommended is the restaurant The Grill, which serves classic international cuisine in a very nice ambience with a view of the Rhine. But lovers of regional and German dishes will also find what they are looking for in the Hilton restaurant Costs.

Meetings Beethoven Bonn
Bonn Meetings Bundestag

4. Maritim-Hotel: Conferences like at the world climate conference

The most interesting location, however, is the former Bundestag, but there are also many other exciting spots. When I worked at the World Climate Conference COP 2001 in 6, it was still spread over different locations: the Bundestag, the former Wasserwert - and the Maritim Hotel Bonn.

Bonn Meetings Bundestag

The latter has barely changed since then: there are still 410 rooms, which were used as office space at times, and 16 meeting rooms. In the largest hall with room for up to 2.800 people the events of the COP 6 took place. After all, the hotel will be completely renovated in the coming year.

Bonn Meetings Bundestag

5. The World Conference Center

In addition to the former plenary chamber of the Bundestag, 2015 opened the new main building with the participation of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon - both now form the World Conference Center Bonn with room for events up to 5.000 persons.

Bonn Meetings Bundestag

While the plenary hall can only be booked as a whole and therefore only suitable for large groups up to 1250 persons, the new main building offers approx. 13 rooms, which can be reduced, combined, separated and adapted as required. The spacious foyers on several levels also offer 1500 to 2500 square meters of exhibition space.

Bonn Meetings Bundestag
Bonn Meetings Bundestag

6. Mariott Hotel: UN conferences and DAX companies

Because Bonn is no longer just a location for UN conferences, but for numerous national and international events on topics related to medicine and sustainability, the institutions of which are represented on site. 70 percent of Bonn's tourists are business travelers and conference guests. In addition, the three Bonn-based DAX companies also useCompany Telekom, Deutsche Post and Postbank regularly use the various conference locations.

Right next to the WCCB, the new Marriott hotel was recently opened with 336 rooms. Its highlight is the restaurant Konrad with a terrace in the 17. Floor and fantastic view over Bonn and the Rhine valley. Other arguments are the excellent food and the good service.

Bonn Meetings Bundestag
Bonn Meetings Bundestag

7. BaseCamp: Indoor camping for meetings

But there are also a number of extraordinary locations in Bonn: The BaseCamp Young Hostel, for example, is an indoor vintage campsite. Built in a former warehouse in the south of Bonn, up to 120 people can sleep overnight in retro caravans, US Airstreams, DB sleeping cars, two VW vans, a Trabbi, a Citroen HY, a cable car gondola and many other curios.

The caravans were thematically designed by the film and stage sculptor Marion Seul, equipped with historical props and extended by a suitable furnished front garden. Prices range between 25 and 75 euros per night. According to their own information, 20 percent of the guests are business tourists Teambuilding-Events used.

For those who find the vintage feel too uncomfortable in their original sleeping arrangements, there are 2 minutes of walking distance and the same operator also offers the Bonnox boarding house and hotel (rooms from 74 Euro, for longer stays from 38 Euro per night).

Bonn Meetings Bundestag
Bonn Meetings Bundestag

8. Hotel Collegium Leonium: meetings and senior residence

A completely different, integrative one Concept pursues the Hotel Collegium Leonium in the city center: It connects hotel and conference locations with a senior citizens' residence. In addition to the central location, the historical, neo-Gothic building fabric, which was supplemented by modern glass architecture, is fascinating.

The 1903 opened as a Catholic Convention building was used as a priest's seminar until 1998, the hotel was opened to 2004. The 70 rooms (from 92,50 Euro per night) are not separate from the old people's home. For events, 10 rooms are available, including the former refectory or the rebuilt former church for up to 160 persons.

Bonn Meetings Bundestag
Bonn Meetings Bundestag
Bonn Meetings Bundestag

9. The Drachenburg as a conference location

Also exciting is Drachenburg Castle on the Drachenfels in Königswinter, which was built between 1882 and 1884 in the neo-Gothic style Style was built. Originally intended as the residence of Baron Stephan von Sarter, it was later used for a wide variety of purposes. It has been a listed building since 1986, restored to its original condition from 1995 to 2010 and now houses a kind of Gründerzeit museum.

However, various rooms of the castle can also be rented for meetings for up to 100 persons, such as the music hall on the upper floor, the sacred-looking art hall with the pub, the reception hall with elaborate wood ceiling and huge wrought-iron chandeliers View of the imposing castle, the dining room in the former economic level, which offers direct access to the west-facing terrace with a spectacular view of the Rhine, or a little bit away from the house cozy Haus Isolde. Martim-Hotel-Königswinter is responsible for catering, which also offers 248 rooms and 10 meeting rooms for up to 1225 persons.

Bonn Meetings Bundestag
Bonn Meetings Bundestag

10. Ameron Royal Court: Meet like heads of state and crowned heads

Ameron Königshof-Bonn011

Queen Elizabeth II of England was here, the Shah of Persia, US Presidents Kennedy, Nixon and Reagan, but also Angela Merkel. Various photos tell of the splendid time in the former capital. Does the Ameron Hotel Königshof in Bonn live up to its promise?

From the German Emperor to Angela Merkel

Bonn, the former capital in the south of North Rhine-Westphalia is traffic-technically somewhat suboptimal tethered: Both the airport and the new fast ICE line Cologne-Frankfurt are about 20 minutes away, through Bonn leads the much slower Rhine route.

The Rhine view compensates for many things: Directly on the Rhine with views of the Siebengebirge, in an almost unique location, the Ameron Königshof: 1872 already built by the famous Bonn architects Ermekeil as Grand Hotel Royal, the hotel looks back on a varied history: To 1900 were including Princess Viktora and the German Emperor here to guest. 1944 completely destroyed in an air raid, the new hotel Königshof 1956 is reopened after 2 years of construction with the visit of the Italian President and henceforth used for receptions and state visits.

Ameron Königshof-Bonn001

129 rooms of various categories, some with views of the Rhine and the Siebengebirge (cost 15 Euro surcharge) and a small fitness area invite you to linger - especially because of the view.

Ameron Königshof-Bonn009

Meeting rooms and equipment

1969 built new ballrooms where meetings are held today. There are four conference salons with room for 8 to 50 guests - depending on the level of fun. There are also three banquet halls of which the largest, which can accommodate up to 300 persons standing in the nearly 350qm large Rheinsaal standing. All rooms are with a magnificent view of the Rhine aligned there are also the Rheinterassen (maximum 150 persons) and the Rondell.

Ameron Königshof-Bonn014
Ameron Königshof-Bonn008
Ameron Königshof-Bonn005

A specialty is that Spiegelroom for up to 100 people: The windowless room is completely with Spiegeln lined, which can, however, be pushed to the side and thus provide a view of the adjacent ballroom and Rhine terrace. A special highlight: All can be controlled via a touchpad Technology from the projector to the audio system to the LED color design. Unfortunately, Telekom WiFi is only free for normal guests for one hour a day, but it is included in the Smart Connect conference package (€59,50 per person).

Ameron Königshof-Bonn007
Ameron Königshof-Bonn013


Until 1971, all events organized by the Federal Chancellery and the state dinner of the Federal Government were organized by the royal court - with illustrer guest list. The Ameron still bewitches the Petersberg and the Villa Hammerschmidt. Since 2003, the Hotel Königshof has been operated by the Althoff Hotel and Gourmet Collection as an 4 star-house - even today Chancellor Merkel and various resigned Federal Presidents are occasionally guests. This is evidenced by numerous photos that can be admired throughout the house.

Ameron Königshof-Bonn002
Ameron Königshof-Bonn004

Even the interior is reminiscent, not unintentionally, of the glittering days of the hotel, the 50er. 2013 has been renovated and since then the house has been kept in the 50 style - with striped walls and an extra old-fashioned coffee machine in the Italian restaurant Oliveto, which is considered Bonn's best Italian.

Ameron Königshof-Bonn012

Cause, because the food is excellent: 14 points got chef Alexander Stadler and Team in the top gastronomy guide “Gault Millau”, from “Feinschmecker” the restaurant receives 1,5 F and the “Guide Michelin” and the “Schlemmer Atlas” also give their praise with 2 “cutlery”. The prices are accordingly: Even the rather average breakfast costs 19 euros.

Ameron Königshof-Bonn003


Unfortunately, not everything is as excellent as the restaurant, but some of it is also (style) really "old", such as the wide staircase, which reminds me a little of the Bonn university library, and some furniture with a few signs of wear.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for an original hotel with good service, ambience and traditional history for a moderate price, this is the place for you. From about 100 Euro per night can be spent in a hotel in which already crowned heads resided. The conference packages start from 55,50 per person. Recommended.

Ameron Königshof-Bonn006
Ameron Königshof-Bonn010

11. Petersberg: Bonn's most famous conference location

Bonn's best-known conference location is Petersberg. Here Queen Elisabeth II stayed overnight and Leonid Brezhnev drove a new Mercedes almost to junk. 2001 found here - the Federal Guest House had long since become a Steigenberger Hotel - the Afghanistan Conference. And recently, RTL's Daniela Katzenberger's wedding was broadcast live.


The Petersberg and its history

The Steigenberger Grandhotel Petersberg Königswinter Bonn, also known as the former Federal Guest House, looks back on an eventful history and today as a whole is a listed building. Already 1892 the building was opened as a hotel, in which later the German Empress Victoria, the Swedish Queen Sophie and the Serbian King Aleksander stayed.

Adolf Hitler was from 1935 to 1937 at least four times on the Petersberg, 1938 was the British politician Neville Chamberlain, when he negotiated with Hitler.


From Queen Elisabeth to Brezhnev

After the war, the Allies seized the hotel, 1954 was reopened as Hotel Petersberg under the direction of the Breidenbacher Hof in Düsseldorf and soon rented by the federal government as a federal government for high-ranking citizens. And this list can be seen:

In 1965 and 1992 Queen Elisabeth II stayed here, in 1955 and 1967 Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (Shah of Persia) was a guest - to name just a few examples. In 1973 Leonid Brezhnev drove the gift from the Federal Republic of Germany, a Mercedes 450 SLC, almost to scrap on the first test drive down the Petersberg.


The Clintons, Gorbachev and Yeltsin

In 1979 the Federal Republic of Germany bought it and almost completely tore it down, the renovation cost 137 million marks. The Grandhotel Petersberg only reopened in 1990 - and has been operated by the Steigenberger chain ever since. The federal government, as the owner, had priority of use until the move to Berlin in 1999.

Since then, almost all heads of state and government of the countries with which the Federal Republic maintains diplomatic contacts were on the Petersberg, such as Michael Gorbachev, the Clintons, Boris Yeltsin or the Emperor of Japan.


From the Afghanistan conference to Daniela Katzenberger

Numerous important international conferences were held, such as the Conference of the Schengen States, the summit of the Council of Ministers of the Western European Union, or the two Afghanistan conferences. Recently, the Petersberg made a name for itself as a wedding location by Daniela Katzenberger, whose marriage with Lucas Cordalis was broadcast live on RTL.

What makes the situation so appealing to visitors and important conferences is the fact that, if necessary, the entire mountain can be closed off:

A safety fence has been built around the top of the mountain, equipped with surveillance cameras and floodlights. Above the plateau and at the beginning of the access road to the mountain, security barriers and guardhouses are posted. On the mountain are about 93 hectares of forest area, which are managed by the hotel.


The rooms and suites

The Grand Hotel itself is located in a park that was created 1889 / 1890 with the first hotel building and has 88 rooms and 11 spacious suites, with either a fantastic view of Bonn, the Rhine or the neighboring Drachenfels - or just the park.

Room rates start at about 118 Euro. The city of Königswinter has also levied an accommodation tax of 2016% since Julie 5. The suites are named after the individual federal states and are equipped with loans from the respective country and the city of Bonn.


The meeting rooms

15 has very different rooms available for meetings and events: seven salons and two halls, some of which bear the names of the new federal states, based on the room designation, because not enough suites were available.

There is also the winter garden, the marble hall or the gallery. But highlights are the banquet hall for up to 700 people and the rotunda, probably the most famous room on the Petersberg, which offers space for up to 850 people. Of course, the entire hotel can also be rented for events - at a price of 150.000 euros.


Culinary and sports

Unfortunately, I was only able to test the culinary delights of the breakfast, which is served in the bistro-cafe and in the winter garden, and it was very good and healthy was. The hotel also has a very nice pool and fitness area which is open from 7am to 23pm.

A highlight of the hotel is certainly the Rheinterasse, which was built in the 1990s, and the beer garden that opened this year. This is the first measure in the course of the large-scale renovation work for 35 million euros, which started this spring and should be completed by the end of 2017. These should take place in stages, the hotel operations will continue during this time. One of the plans is to increase the number of rooms to 110. We can look forward to the result.


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