Health protection and job security are a great asset, but for many Companys can the Implementation with considerable effort and Costs to be connected. 6 tips on how to protect yourself against infection.

Workplace safety & Infection Protection Act: 6 tips for health prevention at work

Radical change in job security and health protection

Our Working world is undergoing a radical change. This is reflected not least in the ongoing discussion about job security and health protection, which is still being caused by the corona pandemic clear was strengthened.

Because job security is a much more complex topic than it appears at first glance. On the one hand there is the trend towards working from home, which has been significantly strengthened by Corona. For example, the SARS-CoV-2 Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance of January 21, 2021 stipulated that employers should offer employees the opportunity to work from home if their professional activity allows it.

Ergonomics vs. Infection Protection Act?

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On the other hand, the question of when home office is possible is very controversial - also for reasons of health protection. Because the IdeaSimply moving all office workplaces to the home office falls far short of the mark, because companies also have to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. This is supposed to Health of employees maintain and improve. An important aspect here is the risk assessment, which also applies to the ergonomic design of office workplaces:

The office chair and table must be designed so that frequent changes of seat position are possible, a certain room climate must apply in terms of lighting, noise or humidity, and work and break regulations must also be strictly adhered to. These precautionary measures are intended to largely avoid physical complaints and psychological stress at work as well as health consequences from work. However, when employees work in the home office that is often enough in a work corner or at the kitchen table, many of these regulations are often difficult to comply with.

6 tips for following infection control measures in the office

The beautiful and important idea of ​​health care can therefore fast become a boomerang for many employers and working from home is not always the case light possible, as many imagine. Which Alternatives However, there is a home office in order to still meet important hygiene requirements. And which regulations apply? 6 tips.

1. Keep your distance from colleagues

If the presence on Workplace is required should Employees Rooms with others as little as possible. If simultaneous use of rooms cannot be avoided, a minimum area of ​​10 square meters per person must not be undercut. If the activity to be performed does not allow this, protective measures such as partitions between the workplaces and systematic ventilation should be used.

It is important to keep a distance of at least 1,5 meters to others - this applies outdoors, in vehicles and in buildings, at the workplace as well as in the hallway or in the tea kitchen. Companies should put appropriate partitions, markings or access regulations in place. Ventilate the work rooms that do not have automated ventilation regularly and for a sufficient period of time.

2. Wear a mask if possible

There are many reasons to wear a face mask or mouth and nose protector at work. This has been common practice for decades in some work areas, such as in the area of ​​painting or, in principle, when working with toxic substances. But as part of infection protection, it is recommended or mandatory to wear a mask in almost every area. This is particularly important when it comes to customer contact Significance to prevent the spread of viruses or bacteria.

In order for a mask to actually protect in the workplace, it must cover the chin, mouth and nose. It is important that the mask is adjusted as well as possible to the nasal bone using metal brackets. It is therefore important to avoid gaps. The looser the mask sits, the weaker its protective function. It doesn't matter what it is supposed to protect against, whether against particles, droplets, viruses, aerosols, dust, bacteria, gases or toxins; the mask can only do its job by using it correctly Effect unfold to the full. The FFP2 and FFP3 masks in particular are more comfortable to wear than disposable masks because they do not put too much pressure on the face. Safety and comfort can therefore also be combined with a face mask.

Of course, the mask is primarily intended to protect against viruses. After all, you meet a lot of colleagues at work, and sometimes you do too customers, all of which could carry and spread the virus. However, you should be able to breathe well under the mask. Otherwise, carrying it quickly becomes a burden and annoying. After wearing a face mask, it should be disposed of in a small plastic bag. Then she can also use the garbage can in the Office to be transported away. There is also a risk here that one of the many employees here with viruses in Contact could occur and thus becomes a potential risk factor.

3. Maintain hygiene

The employer must provide a hygiene concept in which the necessary Measures for operational protection against infection have been defined and implemented. This Concept must be made available to all employees.

For most activities, hands should be thoroughly washed and disinfected beforehand. Because viruses can also accumulate on the skin, which are passed on to the mask by touching it. It should also be taboo to touch your nose or face in general when wearing a mask. The viruses can namely also via the mucous membranes in the Eyes- and nasal area penetrate into the organism and move further in the direction of the respiratory tract.

4. Optimal cleaning

If possible, workplaces should not be used by several employees and organizational measures should be examined to ensure this in the company Everyday life implement. Nevertheless, numerous workstations have to be used jointly, e.g. B. in shift work, rotation use, commercial vehicles, control stands.

The surfaces of jointly used workplaces are to be cleaned with commercially available household cleaners after personal use. This includes in particular surfaces that come into contact with employees and possible carriers, e.g. B. have come into contact with droplets while speaking (e.g. tabletop, desk chair/armrests, cupboard and door handles, IT-Devices such as mouse and keyboard, telephone handset, steering wheels, shifters, and commonly used tools and gadgets).

5. Work organization

If possible, you should work individually or in small, permanent teams. If possible, avoid business trips and appointments with personal presence. Instead, use the options for telephone and video conferences. If personal meetings are absolutely necessary, you should also keep a minimum distance of 1,5 meters. In order to reduce the number of passengers in local public transport during rush hour, companies should offer flexible working hours whenever possible.

Employees whose presence at the workplace is still required should be offered the opportunity to have at least one free rapid antigen test carried out per week and to receive a certificate of the test result.

6. Sometimes there is no need for action

Sole proprietorships and self-employed persons do not have to wear a face mask during work, for example, if they are alone in a room. The same applies when you are alone in the open-plan office. However, as soon as the room is left, be it to get a glass of water or to go to the toilet, the face mask has to be put back on. After all, you might meet another person on the way there.

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