How you present yourself is an advantage in today's job, just that Performance Often nothing matters anymore. 10 tips on how to make yourself better even as a hard-working employee merchandise.

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Self-marketing is a waste of time?

Again Team-Meeting: Annoyed, colleague Müller drags himself into the meeting room while heaps of files are piling up on his desk. Müller knows exactly what is in store for him now:

Colleagues Mayer and Schmitt, these chatterboxes, will again come to the top form and go on for a long time in self-praise while the really important things remain. In the end, the result will be zero, but Müller has lost a lot of time. He calls this meaningless time-use.

The working bee myth: Image and awareness are often more important than supposed high performance

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But Müller is wrong. It's more important than constant high performance to watch colleagues and supervisors, for example in a meeting. Often, the many small and often laborious work steps are not seen at all. Much of the success depends much more on the image and the degree of familiarity in the company Companys.

Or to put it another way: What we see as top performance is not always what others appreciate who only look at the result. This shows that when it comes to career opportunities, gossips like Mayer and Schmitt have the better cards and someone like Müller, who is always hard-working Tasks processed, the hindsight.

Performance and motivation: all a question of perspective

The reason for this is how the environment perceives you: the Executive does not see, for example, how Müller day in day out in the Office toils. On the contrary, he only perceives someone who sits in a meeting with an annoyed expression and thinks that this must be a bad-tempered person.

On the other hand, he always hears what Mayer and Schmitt say about their job in the meeting and considers the two to be extremely committed and competently. In short: the boss only believes what he sees and hears; that may not always be fair, however People tick like that. It's all a matter of perspective and what is supposed to be Perspektive.

Rise and Career: A Question of Respect

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Another reason: Anyone who, like Müller, always does all the work that has arisen until the middle of the night without complaint, is considered conscientious, but does not get one Respect at others. Bosses and colleagues then have the impression that they can do anything with a miller because he doesn't self-respect and patiently says yes to everything. Not good career prospects. Because in leading position other properties are required.

To put it bluntly, this means: Anyone who always performs at their best and always wants to please the boss will not be promoted. Career rather do the self-portrayal. Many people know this from their own experience: Most of them have already experienced that it is not the better person that gets the praise, but rather the one who gets along well with the manager.

Performance vs. performance Self-presentation: The golden middle course decides

Even if constant willingness to perform is commendable in principle, other tactics usually lead to more Success: You should be aware that there are certain rules of the game that apply in the job.

You don't have to get up Costs profile others or constantly snuggle up to the boss. But instead of trying doggedly and at any price to achieve a certain level of performance, you should place more value on your own self-portrayal. A golden mean, so to speak. Then you will usually be more successful.

10 Tips: This is how you work on your self-presentation

For success in the job, self-presentation often counts for more than pure performance. We show you how it works.

  1. Convince yourself of the necessity: Self-expression is often hard for people who are willing to perform, but they believe that they can convince them purely through their performance. The motto must be: Do a lot and talk about it.
  2. Do public relations: on every occasion! In the hallway, in the canteen - and above all, because the boss is present. But: emphasize performance, do not apply unnecessarily thick, otherwise the others are quickly annoyed.
  3. Stay communicative even during stress: Especially those who work a lot tend to neglect social contacts. This catapults but quickly from the field of view of bosses and colleagues.
  4. How to score in small talk: You don't have to say anything really witty, you just have to talk to each other innocently. For example, in the morning in the elevator. Instead of staring at the wall, just address the situation: “We always meet here. It only takes ten floors, but at least. Which department do you work in? ”
  5. To profile yourself in a meeting: No place is better suited for self-presentation than the meeting, because everyone gets it here. Your speech should therefore be well thought out. Shine with a surprising entry, which will get you attention. Then find out how your ideas and their work benefit the company and their colleagues. Involve the other participants by asking for feedback or specific suggestions.
  6. Present yourself at every opportunity: So that the boss also understands your excellent work, you should not only talk about it, but also do it publicly: voluntarily register “public” tasks such as giving customer presentations, looking after trainees, etc. This increases your market value.
  7. Operate networking: Studies show that success depends very much on how well you are networked within a company. Therefore, it is important to be in contact with as many colleagues as possible.
  8. So you take the wind out of the sails of other babblers: Colleague Schmitt wants to put himself in the right light at your expense before the boss once again? Ask him directly for details he does not know. And specifically point out in your presence your boss on your own successes.
  9. To make yourself popular with the boss: “Actually, you would have to do this…” In such subtle messages, bosses like to hide their wishes. Listen - then you will soon be able to read the boss's wishes from his eyes.
  10. How to get respect: Whoever says yes and amen to everything is popular, but is neither respected nor promoted. Better: Say friendly to exaggerated demands, but definitely no. If you give a good reason for your “no”, you will also have understanding - and respect!

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