Because insolvency is such a taboo subject and because of the legal framework, it is so difficult in Germany to get back on its feet afterwards: for example, what the Financing As.

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What is so bad about bankruptcy?

Apart from the fact that the debt reduction period has traditionally always been quite long by international standards, many banks do not give bankruptcy credit for start-ups. Because anyone who has failed once can come along Money cant handle!

An Problem: Finding an apartment is almost impossible if the Schufa information negative fails. In addition, for some trades you need a permit that is linked to financial ability, which in turn must be proven by means of a tax clearance certificate from the tax office.

Finally, during the insolvency proceeding, a new foundation can only be made in consultation with the insolvency administrator, since the new insolvency assets are usually required for new liabilities.

Fear and control force inhibit innovation

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The social and economic consequences of failure are indeed frightening. According to the motto "This cannot happen to me", some people say that they could avoid bankruptcy from the start by only working hard and acting cautiously.

But that can be a boomerang. Those who are primarily concerned about not making mistakes may even prevent their economic progress. On the one hand, the pressure and hectic activity that arises when you want to do everything perfectly cause unnecessary work Stress - and he inhibits that klare Thinking skills and can thus negatively influence important business decisions.

Caution limits freedom of ideas

On the other hand, exaggerated precautionary measures limit the freedom in which new ideas can arise at all. Because to Success it belongs now risks and to accept setbacks - even if nobody talks about the mistakes afterwards.

Above all, the freelancers working in the creative industry have long recognized that constant economic ups and downs just simply belong. And they have learned to live with constant insecurity; In fact, many are using crises as an opportunity to do something different, new and ultimately better, instead of continuing in the usual rut.

Large companies are doing hard!

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But especially the decades spoiled by the success of larger Companys are still struggling with this insight. Instead of looking ahead, they try to avoid risks at all costs. Saving money is the motto, hiring and layoffs are the result.

The basic idea is that if you spend less, you can better absorb slumps in sales. However, this becomes problematic if the quality of products and service suffers as a result of the cost-cutting measures, and with it customer satisfaction. Stagnation instead of development, or conservation instead Innovation. As a result, the avoidance strategy can even lead to the failure of the company like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Better innovation instead of whining

Better than feeling so different from the Anxiety paralyzing would be to focus entirely on the development of new products and services - one Strategy, which also promises long-term success.

But there is still a problem: If you constantly believe that you have everything under control, you are paradoxically repressing it fast all difficulties when it really once for Crisis comes - and thus prevents it from acting in time. Because insolvency in particular could very often be averted in advance if the entrepreneur would admit his mistakes and initiate the necessary restructuring measures: he would have to deal with creditors negotiate, would have to seek outside advice or simply the know-how of his own Employees use.

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