Even if there is no nationwide shortage of skilled workers, they do themselves Company in some branches particularly difficult, suitable Employees to recruit. What helps: Say goodbye to the bouncer mentality.

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Recruitment of professionals: Which method is successful?

Especially in the IT, but also in tourism, for example, many companies complain massively about not being able to find suitable employees. Many studies also do clear: For a long time now, traditional company recruitment campaigns have not brought the desired result Success. New ones are needed ways, and they lead stronger than ever Internet.

Auch Online-Job boards have long been part of the standard repertoire of online recruiting. More and more companies know where to find the right specialists on the Internet and are now publishing their vacancies via Twitter messages and using online business networks both to present their own company and to specifically address suitable specialists.

Employer: departure from the bouncer mentality

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What might help: A shift in the Head. Many employers still cling to a bouncer mentality. They believe that they are the ones who can freely choose from all applicants who fits into their shop and who doesn't. By the time they have finally made their decision, the qualified specialists have long since turned to a trendy in-club.

The comparison with the hip scene club is not far-fetched: young, well-qualified workers also want to work Fun have and have a meaningful job. That this salary true is tacitly assumed. Companies would therefore do well to present themselves like a trendy club and to present themselves in the right light with everything they can present to their employees.

Use social media specifically for employee search

One step forward is that most German companies are already quite active in social networks act as an employer. Above all Technology-Companies with a strong global orientation use the networks more intensively. Many companies recognize that their target groups and many employees have long been active there.

By participating, companies not only gain new and authentic areas of identification, but also build direct bridges to sometimes scarce skilled workers. Social networks also offer companies very good opportunities to better understand their target group, to listen to them, to establish a dialogue and also individual Candidates to address specifically. This increases the quality of the recruitment process and saves time and money Costs – Appreciation instead of advertising pressure.

10 tips on how to use employee selection networks as an entrepreneur:

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So how can companies present their target group as an open, progressive employer? 10 tips at a glance.

  1. Your company profile is your one-stop-shop: Create or update your business profile. Some online business networks allow you to customize a company profile. For example, at LinkedIn, Siez may provide the full name of your business, a description, your company logo, areas of expertise and other detail information of interest to potential applicants.
  2. Meet interesting candidates as a member of relevant groups: Member groups are an important part of social networks. Look for groups that deal with relevant topics and industries and join these groups. As a group member, you have optimal contact opportunities with the respective experts and high potentials.
  3. Show Presence and Build Your Own Business Group: Having your own business group within an online business network gives you the best opportunity to provide discussion forums and to provide news to your business's diverse audiences. For example, you can create subgroups for different audiences, include your own or third-party RSS feeds, and send weekly newsletters to all members.
  4. Keep an eye out for which experts ask exciting questions and provide good answers. If you are an IT company, keep an eye on the questions and answers published by other members in the field of IT in online business networks. For example, if you are looking for IT professionals with special knowledge of “SOAP”, search for the relevant groups in the Technology - Web Development area at Xing for the search term “SOAP”. This is exactly where you will find the experts you are looking for to contact them if necessary.
  5. Use advanced research options to find your ideal candidate: Online business networks are ideal for specifically looking for skilled workers. Use the advanced search, for example, to find a nanotechnology specialist living in Germany who works in English and French.
  6. Use the job boards on online business networks: Many online business networks offer the opportunity to publish their own job postings. They combine job advertisements, active candidate searches, people referrals, and the diverse capabilities of a global network.
  7. Well-kept profiles of your employees make the best impression: motivate your employees to open a profile on relevant online business networks and, above all, to maintain them professionally. In the spirit of “employee branding”, your employees are important ambassadors for your company and show other specialists and managers the quality of your staff.
  8. Demonstrate that the best professionals work for you: Encourage your employees to actively participate in expert discussions within online business networks and answer relevant questions. This will show that the best professionals are employed and that highly sought after professionals in your company are in good company.
  9. Provide potential applicants with up-to-date information about your company for download: Make sure that at least the first level of management provides their company's current presentations as downloads on their profiles.
  10. Join existing alumni groups and actively participate in discussions: online business networks are an optimal place for alumni groups of organizations or companies. Determine if your company's former employees have formed a group to stay in touch after employment. In order to be able to respond to or actively manage negative discussions, at least one member of your executive board should join that group.

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