Proper breathing helps Stress and fears, improves performance and can cure diseases such as asthma. How exactly does this work?

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How life changes through breathing

In 1997 I was a manager in one Companys, but as I suffered from asthma, I had been in poor health since I was a child. My identity was based on deficits: I wasn't fit, I wasn't healthy and I wasn't self confident. I was desperately looking for one Solution for my health Problems. Then I found her.

My life changed forever when I looked at the work of the deceased Dr. Konstantin Buteyko, a brilliant Russian doctor who was researching optimal breathing for astronauts in the space race between the Soviet Union and the United States. The Cold War initially limited his groundbreaking findings to the other side of the Iron Curtain, but from the 1990s they spread throughout the country Welt. Through breathing exercises based on Buteyko's teachings, I conquered my sleep apnea and chronic asthma, and subsequently made a full recovery from the ailments that had accompanied me throughout my life.

The Buteyko method

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I was thrilled, quit my job and became a student of Dr. Buteyko. Thanks to his work, my life experienced a profound change change. When you experience something like that, you can't help it: you develop the desire to pass it on. So it was that sharing these insights finally became mine Job have made.

I've been on for the past thirteen years Dr. Built Buteyko's innovative approach and developed my program. It is designed to improve overall health and fitness and to contribute to the successful treatment of asthma.

How to treat asthma and regulate depressive moods

I have the ButeykoMethod used to treat my asthma and also to manage my mind wandering by improving my mindfulness. thousands of People with asthma and other ailments have attended my courses in Ireland and other countries. Participants who came to me with panic attacks, depression, overwork or anxiety report very good results.

This topic is also easy to read for people who are struggling with concentration problems, reduced consciousness or depressed moods. The content is no longer complicated, and through constant repetition, every reader can easily use the instructions for themselves.

The history of the Butyko method

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The Buteyko method was developed in the 1950s by the doctor Konstantin Buteyko in what was then the Soviet Union. His method has been practiced by hundreds of thousands of people to treat problems and illnesses such as asthma, snoring, sleep apnea, insomnia, high blood pressure, anxiety, stress, panic attacks and depression. As a young doctor, Buteyko spent many months on his patients' beds and watched their health.

He found that each of them began to breathe harder as their health deteriorated. As the disease progressed, the breathing movements of the chest and abdomen increased; the breath became more audible, accelerated, they sighed more often and breathed through the mouth. Over time, he learned to predict the start of the dying process simply by watching her breath. This raised a fundamental question for Buteyko:

How health and breathing are related

Was it the disease that contributed to heavy breathing or did heavy breathing affect health? At that point, Buteyko was suffering from very high blood pressure and his values ​​were deteriorating rapidly. He started to experiment with his breathing by breathing more calmly and reduced. The pain that had plagued him for months quickly disappeared.

In the decades that followed, Buteyko researched this topic very intensively and maintained his own laboratory to advance his findings. In 1990 his method was also taken up in the West and is now taught in many countries. Breathing, this basic requirement for life, has to meet certain requirements: even short-lasting heavy overbreathing can be very hazardous to your health. Therefore, it stands to reason that, although less pronounced, excessive breathing over a long period of time also negative impact on the Health hat.

The results of excessive breathing

I've worked with more than five thousand clients over the years - the spectrum ranges from lifelong Couch Potatos to parrot-bellied Olympians. Based on this wealth of experience, I would like to tell you two exemplary stories about people. Their life changed radically after learning to stop overbreathing. One of them is a competitive athlete and the other is a freshly baked fitness junkie who just wants to Objective had set to lose weight and live a little healthier.

At Croke Park Stadium in my hometown of Dublin, more than XNUMX fans regularly crowd to see their favorite teams. In Croke Park, every game feels like the Super Bowl. Football in Ireland is more than just a sport - football is pure passion, a lifestyle of its own and a source of our national pride.

The sports star with breathing problems

While the players are considered more semi-professional, the management invests significant sums in the latest sports technology for the team members. She monitors her lifestyle and her physiological parameters around the clock. If a player eats a single fry late at night, management knows about it.

I met David when he was in Term was to become one of the stars of Croke Park. He was twenty years old and was training with his five days a week Team. Although he was in excellent physical shape, he often experienced shortness of breath. He also often had a stuffy nose and had to cough. There was nothing more exciting for David than playing in the packed stadium, but after every game he was tormented by a barking cough and his lungs felt like they were full of dirt.

What over-breathing means

He trained hard and did everything he could to hide his symptoms from his trainers and their electronic surveillance systems. Eventually, he consulted a doctor and was prescribed medication that slightly relieved his discomfort; however, he struggled to keep up with his teammates. Finally, he was seriously worried that his coaches would throw him out of the team if they found out about his problems.

When I started working with David, he showed all the typical characteristics of a person who breathed far more than his body needed. He breathed deeply and through his mouth, even at rest. He pumped oxygen into his lungs, but it was too much, and his breath wasn't regulated in a way that was natural and imperative for a competitive athlete. Because of bad habits developed over the years, his body was no longer in harmony with his breath. So he could no longer ensure a sufficient concentration of CO2.

Breathe properly as a revelation

David went through my complete program and practiced the exercises: breathing reduction, holding your breath during training and sleeping with your mouth closed at night to learn to breathe through your nose again. Today David is one of the stars of his team and no longer has any complaints to hide from his coach - only his love of fries remains a secret.

Like David, many competitive athletes breathe excessively, regardless of how many years of training they can look back on. For some, this means that they never fully exploit their potential, no matter how hard they train. In addition, they have to do more than their colleagues to maintain their fitness. When athletes first hear about the effects of chronic hyperventilation, it sometimes takes some time to understand the implications. On the other hand, it is often a revelation:

Excellent performance thanks to correct breathing

Finally they have an answer Askwho im them for years Head go around and they develop a whole new understanding of training. One factor that sets top athletes apart is theirs assetsto train with higher intensity and longer breath. You too can intensify your training without putting additional strain on your lungs by incorporating a few simple exercises into your existing workout. You should understand what factors are involved in the transport of oxygen to the organs and muscles, and will allow you to improve your running efficiency (i.e. less Energy to do it) and increase your maximum oxygen capacity VO2 max (your body's ability to carry and utilize oxygen).

Over the years I have seen all types of athletes achieve extraordinary results using this method, including rugby players, soccer players, runners, cyclists, swimmers and Olympic athletes. Many of these athletes had breathing problems and a weak diaphragm. Learning to breathe more efficiently has had an amazing effect on your athletic performance. It is counterproductive to exercise the body while neglecting the efficiency of breathing. You should learn how to improve your breathing endurance as part of any exercise program.

Make full use of your sporting potential

As impressive as David's story is, don't be fooled into thinking that better breathing techniques only benefit elite athletes. She act with everyone and with average trained people often much stronger. Let's take the case of Doug. Doug is a high-performing forty-something. He suffered from asthma since childhood and therefore had few sporting ambitions.

Doug's brother, however, was a real sports cannon. When the two children were, his brother regularly went to the park with their father to play basketball; Doug was reserved for the viewer role. He always had the feeling that something was wrong with his body.

How breathing can improve life

He tried to follow in his father's footsteps and managed to stay on the rowing team at his college for a year. But after each training session, his lungs whined for mercy. His lack of aerobic capacity restricted him and seemed to make a sportier lifestyle unattainable.

But when his father started getting old and frail, Doug decided to take countermeasures so he could be there for his children and grandchildren himself. Doug started running. After just a few steps he gasped as usual. He realized he needed to build his cardiovascular fitness from scratch and turned to me. And I was able to help him improve his breathing technique. Today Doug is also athletic and fit. You see how better breathing can improve everyone's life.

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