The meritocracy is dead! Long live the effective society! Quality is good though emotions are real”Sinn-full"! Because: Quality cannot speak, but feelings make sense in our lives.

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Way with the control mania

Even if it is generally assumed that quality speaks for itself: Instead of convincing through quality, we need more emotions and meaning! around in Future To have a chance, the way of thinking in companies has to change.

Before a product comes onto the market, it is tested, checked, regulated and repeatedly optimized. Only then will the novelty be offered. Unfortunately, many services and products are sold well below their value. We are so obsessed with quality that we often forget how we connect the “thing” to them customers should bring.

Unhealthy understatement

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Not only do we pay too little attention to products and services Effect. The really tragic thing is that we neglect this here too. Why is that? From a young age we learn not to talk too many good things about ourselves; not to put yourself too much in the foreground.

That could be arrogant or conceited act. What do the neighbors, friends and co. say? Unconsciously, this thought pattern accompanies many throughout their lives. That's why it's a matter of relearning: how do we present ourselves better? How do we increase our impact?

Business self-esteem

Significantly, self-esteem begins with oneself. And everyone immediately senses whether it is an imaginary self or the real and authentic self. But how do you achieve self-confidence and more Self worth-Feeling?

By really and truly becoming safer. You have to know what you really want and who you are in life. To many, that might not sound like a “Businesstheme” – and yet it is one. Customers and employees intuitively notice whether an entrepreneur or an executive "for sure" is.

Leadership quality self-esteem

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Only Executiveswho carry and radiate the security of their self-esteem can confidently face the daily challenges of their work.

Unfortunately, in very few Leadership-Training effects, self-esteem and self-confidence are an issue at all.

Unreflective executives become a threat to the company

Unthinking executives represent a great danger Company initiate. There are two reasons for this: First, today's—and even more so, future—employees are no longer willing to follow someone who doesn't know why which one Objective should be achieved.

And secondly, for generations Y and Z, the question of meaning is much more important. New hires no longer blindly take every promotion with them Money and paid car. Rather, they weigh very carefully what additional performance is expected in return. They question the meaning of their actions.

Learning to handle transparency

The show factor in companies is still very high. Always hoping that Customer buys the self-portrayal. But the times when this still worked are finally over. Much of what is written in mission statements and image brochures is not worth the paper it is printed on.

Everything becomes brutally transparent. A look at the relevant rating platforms is enough and the reality comes to the fore. Because here employees judge Candidate and trainees the companies according to many criteria. Entrepreneurs as well as employees must learn to deal with this new transparency.

More emotions please!

A good advertisement is different from a bad one because it triggers emotions. We too have to trigger emotions when we are “good” merchandise” want, be it with one Job Interview or at one Network-Reason.

The same applies to companies. But do they actually convince their customers with quality and emotions? No, mostly only with ZDF - figures, data, facts. But they don't touch and will light forgotten again.

Sense becomes a mandatory topic

But the customer wants to know “why” this product or service is better than others. He wants to recognize the “sense”.

Meaning therefore becomes a mandatory topic in companies. Not just to make it fun for everyone to work, but also for customers to be positive about the business.

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