Within the Job Search It is interesting to look behind the curtain, but it is also difficult because there is no such thing as an employer or a person HR. There are many and all are different. That raises some when job hunting Problems .

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Corporations tick differently than medium-sized companies

The HR department in a corporation, for example, ticks very differently than a decision-maker from the company SME. A leader in a social enterprise different than one from an agency.

And the difference between traditional companies and start-ups or firms in new industries could not be greater. Everyone sees things differently, decides on the basis of specific requirements. Employers are as colorful as the resumes they see.

Selection Criteria Passive training

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The selection criteria still include accuracy of fit in the Vocational Training and relevant professional experience are among the most important criteria. While one might expect the selection becomes more flexible, social factors come first in the selection process, the opposite is true.

Selection criteria are taken more closely than ever before. And to the existing breaks, personnel decision-makers like to add some.

Beware of the change of the industry

Did you know that changes in the structure of the organization and the change between social organizations and economic enterprises are almost as great a break as unemployment or family leave?

Yes, you read that right if you want to switch from chemistry to medical technology, whether as an accountant or Seller, you won't light made - no industry experience is the statement of those responsible.

Hurdles that are not

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A grocery accountant was looking for a new job closer to home. Family commitments no longer allowed constant commuting. However, no food company was located in its regional environment. So he applied in other industries – without Success. The answer is always: “They bring no experience to ours Industry with."

There are for sure Positions in which experience from the industry is crucial Significance has to be certain Tasks exercise. For example, it should be high for positions in research, development and construction. But this does not have to apply to all positions.

Difference in higher positions

The meaning can decrease the higher the position. As you can see: Minister of Family today, Minister of Defense tomorrow, the day after tomorrow ... If the proportion of business tasks increases and the tasks in interface functions increase, the importance of the sector could decrease.

Examples are: technical sales and purchasing, technical Marketing, Projects– or product management. Functional expertise should be decisive here and the industry orientation of the CV should be secondary. Unfortunately, practice still speaks a different language.

Also, a change from a medium-sized company into a group and vice versa is a great difficulty. The different structures, procedures, decision-making and hierarchies are usually called as grounds for refusal. But not to you.

New goals, new career

Christine worked for ten years in a group of the food industry in the purchasing department. When I got to know her, she could not stand the habits any more. She was worried about the next negotiations and it became increasingly difficult for her to market the products. Not because they were bad, but because their lives had changed because they were health conscious and active.

Her wish was to combine her skills in negotiation, customer contact and advice with products that were closer to her. Sports products or outdoor were her favorites. After an interim step at a very large sporting goods manufacturer, she finally managed to gain a foothold in a medium-sized outdoor equipment company. She is still there today and very much satisfied.

Change between social organization and business enterprise

The third difficult switching option is from a social one Organization into a commercial enterprise, but also in the opposite direction. Many recruiters have contact through non-profit organizations Headthat work is done in fixed structures and that familiar ways of working are deadlocked and do not like to be changed.

This creates an image of inflexibility and slowness when working. On the other hand, the picture prevails that in the Economy there is always pressure, that being tough and an elbow-bone mentality are among the most outstanding qualities.

Cultural fit

... call that the organizations and think that the cultural fit of the Candidates must be right. This is because skills can be trained and built relatively quickly, while cultural affinity tends not. In the case of a good fit of the candidate, a high willingness and ability to perform is assumed.

Therefore, the importance of cultural fit tends to increase. However, an essential prerequisite would be that companies present a realistic picture of their culture. However, this is rarely the case, glossy brochures and stylish websites do not always paint a true picture of the inside of a company Company.

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