Many Candidate work hard with “highly polished” application documents. But that alone doesn't bring her by far Objective: Rather, it is important in the second round, the job interview or job interview, to convince and with sometimes nasty Ask to deal with 5 tips.

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Questioning Interviews - Often neglected by job applicants

Actually, one should think that there is enough literature on the subject interview and not really fundamentally changes. Mostly the focus is on the application documents, clothing etc.

The job interview is often neglected and underestimated by the applicants. Unfortunately, this view is not aware of many applicants or they often get a wrong picture of the processes behind a selection process.

Preparing for the job interview: 5 tips on nasty questions

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However, applicants must know which employer questions they expect in the job interview. There are simply certain standards in the processes and also the questions that you should know about, so that you will not be completely surprised.

Therefore, there is no harm in adding a little more brainpower and thought to your preparation for the interview invest and thus have more information available - even if you don't have all of it in the Conversation can use.

1. Odd questions…

The HR are creative. It was quite funny when I once asked my community and the participants of my events for unusual questions. “You enter an empty room with rows of chairs. Where do you sit down?" Or: “It is the Choice for the "Employees of the year”. How would you in one Rede advertise yourself?" who's there confident and quick-witted then of course has a good hand - it's just a question of whether that's relevant for the job.

While the answers to these questions can still have a certain meaningfulness, things look different with other questions: A seminar participant said that as a postdoc in the Age of 35 years was asked about his math grades, which did not meet the expectations of the interlocutor. The Candidate was then so perplexed that he no longer successfully found an interview and didn't get the job either.

In the end, of course, this question is completely arbitrary and hardly meaningful,

2. Standard questions: Are there any?

Many job interviews are similar as far as the questions are concerned. Of course there are deviations and also shorter or longer variants, for example at a job fair or at a Assessment Center. It helps not only to prepare for questions, but also to have a general idea of ​​the selection process Company to develop.

For this reason, good preparation and research into the company is essential Industry and ideally also to the parties involved. If you have a good idea of ​​what the exact requirements are, you can deal better with surprising questions.

3. Stay self-assured

Therefore, it is also important to look at one's own attitude and approach to such a conversation.

Applicants should approach these interviews with more self-confidence. Because that Deselect about one's own ability and will, it also makes it possible self confident to convey to the outside world why one fits into a certain position.

Of course, the same applies to companies. Here, too, one should be clear about what skills someone really needs to have in order to take on a specific task. Here it will for sure help when in business increasingly on their own Network is recruited - and the whole thing is approached systematically.

4. Forbidden questions

On the one hand there are of course questions that are forbidden. For example, no private questions may be asked in the interview. So no questions about family planning, etc. An employer can have no factually legitimate interest in it, as the lawyer Nina Diercks executes on these issues.

Questions about pregnancy, religion, diseases, sexual Orientation etc. are not relevant unless there are justified exceptions. For example, in a Catholic day-care center it is perfectly permissible to ask about religious affiliation.

5. Meaningless questions

On the other hand, there are a number of questions that arise Recruiter should save because they bring no gain in knowledge: so the classic after the strengths and weaknesses.

This question is now so well known that every applicant can prepare for it - and usually does. It is advisable to work with examples and go through specific situations with the candidate and make statements based on defined response schemes.

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