The choice of a career or study you meet at a young age is often no longer valid for life. Therefore, extra-occupational study can improve career opportunities. An overview.

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Back to university - first career, then university

Do the Abitur at eighteen, then at most one year of FSJ and then it should already go to university. One seems something like this Study from System to be considered, which is also confirmed at first glance by the average first semester students. The adjustments both internationally to Bologna and the switch to the Abitur after only eight years of high school aim in the same direction.

The fact is: The exciting debate about part-time study models reveals a dynamic interplay between professional Ascent and academic Education. The question “Career first, then university?” At first glance it may seem like a balancing act between two life plans, but upon closer inspection a rich panorama of possibilities and perspectives unfolds.

Part-time study programs open the door to an educational landscape that adapts flexibly to individual life circumstances. The path to a career can merge seamlessly with the pursuit of academic excellence. The professional one Everyday life becomes a classroom and the knowledge acquired is immediately tested in practice. A part-time course of study is therefore not just for... Investment in personal development, but also to enrich the professional portfolio.

Why should you study after starting your career?

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The average Age The number of first-year students has accordingly fallen consistently over the last few years. It is currently just over 21 years old. But fortunately, this does not apply to every student. For a variety of reasons, many people start their studies later in life, for example after a year Vocational Training or after some time in everyday work.

There are many different reasons for this. Often it is simply professional interest or the desire to take a further step in your career. Studying is often the right option for further training or further professional development - for example if a paralegal decides to study law. A big argument is that, unfortunately, in reality you often have advantages with an academic certificate Job Search has. Anyone who can show a university certificate is often more attractive for the job market.

However, part-time studies are not without their challenges. The double burden requires strong time management skillsSinn and the ability to set priorities. Nevertheless, it is precisely these hurdles that make it so Character steel and prepare graduates for the uncertainties of professional life.

Study as a possibility for specialization

The breadth of basic knowledge that is imparted during a course of study often goes further than the sometimes company-specific professional experience that one can gain in a few years on the job. Therefore, they often see the possibility that the Basics are more likely to be available to train for the new position.

There are many good training occupations in Germany, which is why even people who develop a deeper interest do not initially decide to study decide. Then it may be found later that the desired specialization or Further Training not possible. Being underchallenged by a job with no opportunities for further training can certainly lead to a need for new challenges.

Study without Abitur - planned from the beginning?

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The university entrance qualification in Germany is obtained in most cases by a high school diploma. However, there is also the possibility of a general university entrance right for continuing vocational training.

  1. Depending on the state, different rules apply. In Baden-Württemberg, for example, you can also study without a high school diploma - but only in a related field after having completed vocational training and at least three years' professional experience.
  2. In addition, an aptitude test is required after a counseling session at the university. In North Rhine-Westphalia, however, such an examination is not required if the subject corresponds to the professional experience.

So if you are interested in studying without a (Fach-) Hochschulreife, you should inform yourself urgently about the requirements in your own and surrounding federal states. It may also be a good plan, instead of completing secondary school education to gain entry to the university.

First training, then studies

Basically, that's a good thing Idea, since immediately after the Abitur the horizon for both subject areas and ideas for the work life is not yet given. Then you can first apply for a Career choice then decide to go into the decision to be able to depend on more personal experience when studying at a later point in time.

The most frequently mentioned AnxietyBeing too old to study is usually completely unfounded. Especially if you already have training and work experience, you often have advantages in the application process.

Various possibilities

Studying does not always mean being on campus from Monday to Friday and tackling post-graduation and study projects at the weekend - there are many different forms and models that can be taken to study. Depending on the life situation and your own preferences, these have various advantages and disadvantages.

Ordinary full-time study

An attendance study at a university with morning courses in the weekly cycle is the norm. If you have no other obligations and maybe want to get to know the real student life, this is recommended.

Extra-occupational part time

If you want to further your education but cannot or do not want to give up your current job, you can do both by studying part-time. TheCourses offered in this form often have a longer standard period of study. This means that they can be carried out with fewer semester hours per week with the same amount of material. Personal priorities are important here.

There are several different models for this:

  1. Evening courses: Many face-to-face events, mostly after 18: 00 pm until late in the evening. After work it goes to the university.
  2. Weekend Study: TheCourses take place on weekends, so that in addition to work on weekdays can still be completed the study.
  3. Block Studies: Seminars and lectures are offered in intensive blocks, for example four days at a time, up to nine hours a day (with breaks). So only occasionally a few days leave to be used to attend these block courses.
  4. Up study: A large part of the study takes place on a specific day of the week (often on Fridays). On that day, a free day must be agreed with the employer - for example, by working up the missing hours during the rest of the week.
  5. Distance learning: With absolutely free timing, but more demands on self-discipline, since almost everything has to be learned in self-study. Unfortunately, not every course of study is offered as distance learning, but job-related is quite common.

Coping with the extra-occupational study

Many forms of part-time study consist at least to a certain extent of self-study. Depending on the life situation and the flexibility that results from it, you have to choose the right one. In most cases, forms can also be combined, so that, for example, evening studies with courses on Saturdays and Sundays can be combined Onlineseminars is added. But even if you don't study part-time, you often find yourself in a different life situation after the age of 20, in which you have to approach your studies differently.

Distance learning is of course particularly interesting for parents, because then less Problems in relation to the care of the offspring. Of course, the additional time required is not easy to manage, but daily stays in an expensive all-day daycare center are not necessary. Evening lectures may be part of everyday life when studying part-time.

The financing of a study

If you in this country to the Financing of studying, you get BAföG immediately, Minijob and the Family as a supporter in Head. In many cases, however, these options are no longer possible if you start your studies later.


BAföG is usually only available if the student is under 30 years old when they start their studies. Likewise, you may not have completed more than one vocational school education. Good news for returnees: Anyone who has spent some time in... Economy If you want to get a Master’s degree later, you can even receive BAföG funding for up to 35 years.

rise scholarship

Anyone who has worked in the relevant profession for several years after completing their training but would now like to further their training can consider an advancement scholarship as an option. This is a funding offer from the Federal Ministry of Education and is linked to certain requirements so that the right target group can benefit from it:

  1. Completed vocational training and at least two years of professional experience.
  2. Good professional ability, about above average grade in the training examination.
  3. Tied to state recognized colleges and BA, state exam and MBA degrees.

This funding can be requested for full-time students as well as part-time. You can also apply for it retrospectively until the end of the second semester apply.

Parental allowance as a full-time support for parents

Another special feature applies if you already have or are having a child as a new student. Those who do not have a full-time job can receive financial support for parents. Students also have the opportunity to apply for parental allowance. Of course, this is not possible for part-time students who continue to work full-time, but this case should be the exception anyway.

Student loans

A good emergency solution, which is available up to a starting age of 44, is the student loan from the KfW development bank. This can be applied for for any form of study, part-time or full-time. This means that you can also receive financial support for studying later in life, even if half of it is not granted as a grant like BAföG.

Conclusion: Studying part-time has many advantages

The synthesis of work and study creates a unique dynamic that emphasizes not only the practical applicability of what has been learned, but also the ability to adapt over time Organization and self-motivation sharpens. These skills become invaluable tools for confidently meeting professional challenges while achieving academic heights.

However, it would be too simplistic to consider the part-time study model exclusively from the perspective of career advancement opportunities. The educational course after entering the professional world also enables you to mature on a personal level and experience in-depth self-reflection. The practical teaching of theoretical Background helps you not only gain professional expertise, but also develop a deeper understanding of your own professional interests and ambitions.

In the balance sheet, part-time studies are seen as a path that enables the symbiosis of career and academic education. It's a journey that's not just professional Success can lead, but also promotes personal evolution and intellectual advancement. The decision “First career, then university?” therefore does not prove to be Konflikt, but rather as a harmonious interaction of two crucial elements that write the individual success story.

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