Much we have here over time about the difficult ones career entry Written by humanities scholars and social scientists - such as Gianna Reich's call to leave one's own comfort zone. Now I realize: this Problem also affects many other graduate groups. A plea to persevere!


On the hard ground of reality

On best of HR -® writes a graduate, frustrated by hundreds of applications with cancellation:

“I've often asked myself why I went to college at all. You come away so motivated and euphoric University after graduation, only to find that Company would like to hire the specialists with the longest professional experience. "

For a long time I believed that the problem was primarily that of humanities and social scientists, ie those graduates whose degrees on the labor market have the lowest usability. It turns out not only with this comment outthat the problem has long been concerned with graduates of other disciplines, including those who are supposed to be so highly motivated. What's wrong?

Do the universities blame?

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Maybe it is simply the universities that are responsible for the dilemma, our educational system, the Professorwho do not know what they should teach the students? Perhaps there are also historical reasons, such as our educational ideal, which despite the switch to a bachelor’s degree stillThings to Learn in lonliness and freedom is connected”

I recently spoke to a manager in tourism who, by the way, has a professionalVocational Training and had not graduated from college. In the Industry There is actually a lack of skilled workers, also because the pay is lousy and the working hours are rather irregular.

Too much academicisation?

For him, the academy's education was the culprit of the dilemma. He said sensibly:

“For some time now, the universities, who are also looking for students, have discovered the industry for themselves. And they often give the students unrealistic ideas, e.g salary a. And with these exaggerated ideas, the graduates then come onto the job market.”

So are the ProfessorThose who often have little idea of ​​the realities of the job market are responsible for the fact that graduates enter the job market with a lot of high-spirited, idealized ideas and despair of reality.

The thinking of employers

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Or are employers also complicit in the dilemma - eg because they are unaware of their social responsibility.

Because, as in the example above, they are often not themselves academics and may give the graduates prejudices according to the motto "He should work first."

Prejudice against women?

Or because they often have other values ​​in the Head have, for example, a rather regressive image of women. The graduate also reports:

I have a very negative one job interview in which I was looked at from top to bottom and I noticed from the looks of the men that they would rather see me in other areas.

In such prejudices may also Anxiety before the cost factor pregnancy play a role, which spits around in many bosses' minds despite AGG and anti-discrimination. You can actually congratulate yourself that you didn't get a job like that in the first place and don't have to deal with such prejudices every day.

Power relations and return

On the other hand, one should keep in mind two basic, banal insights:

  1. The power conditions: The more applicants on the market, the more choice the company has.
  2. Consideration: If you are looking for a job with a corresponding imbalance, you have to provide a consideration that corresponds to the needs of the employer. Conversely, if the company's needs are high, the applicant has more “freedom”

Cancel cancellations better

That sounds banal and hard at the same time, but it helps to “put away” cancellations better. Because who is the motives of the employer before Eyes leads, notice fastthat these are often not meant personally and are only so unfriendly and standardized due to lack of time.

Not good for employer branding, but often sad reality. But what can graduates do concretely to improve that?

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