Much is written and talked about equality of women, but the reality - especially in everyday working life and in Companys - unfortunately often looks different. What can women and employers do better?

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Women's career development is serious business. This is why many women work aggressively to improve their Set to realize. A little more relaxation is advisable here. Because the complex area of Guide is an area that is seldom fully mastered. Just say goodbye to all aspects in your area of ​​responsibility check to be able to.

All you can do is make your own StyleTo understand your skills and processes and what you can do to develop them to be even more effective.

Women: Unused potential for success

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Many women have the potential to have a successful career, but they face a lot of obstacles. It is true that many women career entry with a lot less salary have to get by than men.

Women also have to deal with the double burden of Job and family get along, since there are flexible working hours and compatibility of the job with family life is still in bad shape in many companies. Of course, this also applies to fathers, even if women often still owe the lion's share of family work. But both aspects are only part of the problem.

Women have less role models than men

In fact, it's often not effectiveness at all Performancethat discourage women from leadership roles. In fact, the key questions for women lie elsewhere: As we know from our research, but also from other studies, women have fewer role models than men and often find it difficult to have equal rights with their male colleagues when it comes to professional roles Success to compete.

This applies to all areas of everyday working life, from looking for a job, reconciling work and privacy to setting goals, meeting deadlines, dealing with People, to improve the workplace, for personal development, to work for international companies, to Fun at work etc.

Recognize your own strengths and then act accordingly

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In addition, in our work we repeatedly see business people who have been working for several years leading position hold before they their style, their Power and Strategies clear to understand.

Men are often the first to offer advice, the first to talk about training, the first to explain how hard it is to make it big. But why? Men are often the first to realize the importance of pursuing a professional career. But what are the reasons why it is still considered a disadvantage to have a woman on Workplace to be? So what tips can we give to women leaders who want to pursue a career?

5 Tips for Career and Leadership Success

From our point of view, the most important thing is to develop your leadership strategy - Know your abilities and skills and play to your strengths. This includes:

  1. No macho leadership: From our research and our teaching and consulting experience, we know some organizations in which older women considered it necessary to adopt existing leadership styles for men / macho; their goal is to be as hard if not tougher than men. We believe it is possible to take a different approach, and maybe the younger generation of female executives may feel safe enough to do so. We would also give some advice - Macho leadership should not be seen as an "ideal" as it often creates a toxic culture of fear that is not healthy for the organization.
  2. Be clear about your personal leadership vision: Understand your preferred leadership style - and develop the ability to do so when needed. Be honest with yourself about your preferences, any restrictions and work with others to get feedback.
  3. Be authentic: Be true to yourself and feel comfortable with your leadership style.
  4. Explore your leadership image together with others: > Ask for feedback on your style and impact and the impression you make.
  5. Train your voice:  Many women have high voices that are thin and therefore not easy to hear. Therefore, we recommend women exercise their voices and use them to make themselves heard. Those who do not make themselves heard and do not speak with a certain amount of authority will not be fully respected.

Examples of successful women's management

There are some outstanding examples of politics where women have recognized the need to manage their image for greater success,

And what applies to women politicians, of course, applies even more to successful women leaders, managers and entrepreneurs.

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