In Germany there is a lack of entrepreneurs who are willing risks to enter into – and at the right one Vocational Training in addition. This Opinions at least the former IBM manager Gunther Dueck represents - and not only he.

Gunther Dueck on training and corporate culture in Germany: "Creativity is seen as a disease!"

Surprising insights into the German education system

Some time ago the Enquete Commission of the German Bundestag met “Internet and digital Society” on the subject of “Processes of change in the digital world of business and work”. Among other things, it was about start-up promotion and corporate culture in Germany as well as the education system.

There were some surprising insights into the digital change and the German education system - including from Gunther Dueck, mathematician, ex-IBM manager, publicist and speaker: Original sound of his remarks: The German education system is already nipping all entrepreneurial thinking in the bud.

Creativity as a disease?

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"creativity considered a disease in school,” he judged. In addition, the mediation is social Expertise “not part of the education system”. It is true that listening is valued. However, he criticized that the issuing of orders was taken away at school. That is wrong, because as an entrepreneur you sometimes “klare Announcements” had to make.

Dueck's explanation of MdB Tabea Rößner's question was a little less helpful as to how to confront the modern precariat. Rößner, media spokeswoman for the Greens, thus alluded to the situation of many creatives.

Dueck's answer is old-fashioned and personally a little too superficial: anyone who brings the appropriate soft skills and adaptability to the modern, digital society will do it. The rest falls down. This is a little too simple for me, especially when it comes to political decisions.

How does digitalization change our working world?

Also interesting I found the remarks of Professor Ruth Stock-Homburg from the technical department University Darmstadt (subject Marketing and personnel management), who spoke immediately before Dueck. She warned against the complete mixing of Job and Family. This is bad for them Health but also for them Performance.

And, unlike Dueck, she had very practical suggestions. You can counteract this with a high level of media literacy. So you can work at home "only in certain places, so as not to delight the entire social environment". In their opinion, such media skills should be taught in technology classes. However, it should be observed that teaching offers, which would start in primary schools, “are off the table as soon as the red pencil is applied”.

The state of digitization in Germany can be seen, among other things, in the fact that the video for the meeting was unfortunately only available in its full five-hour length. You have to wait a full 90 minutes for Gunther Dueck to come up with his remarks.

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Full-digitization is inhuman

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What I found particularly exciting were your statements about the digital society: Just like Taylorism, the full division of labor, recognized as economically more efficient, but abolished again for reasons of inhumanity and the resulting dissatisfaction.

For the same reason, a complete digitization of society will not prevail, even if that sounds practical at first. It always will Companys that are more digitized than others. This is an aspect that, in my opinion, is often overlooked in large parts of the digital society!

Financing possibilities for startups

What else was there? Not so much new. The fact that there is a lot of catching up to do in terms of financing options for start-ups in Germany is old hat for me - all you have to do is read the interview with Carsten Foertsch on Best of HR -® read. But the very different approaches to solving this dilemma are quite interesting:

Heiko Hebig spoke of the “sustainable promotion of venture capital financing models” SPIEGELnet GmbH. Start-up entrepreneurs are often not helped with the bank loans most commonly used in Germany, since their business models are not suitable for such loans, emphasized Tom Kirschbaum, co-founder of Penelope Ventures GmbH. Venture capital companies may not "demonize" venture capital.

Tax relief for venture capital donors

In France you have positive Experiences with tax breaks for the wealthy involved in venture capital schemes invest, said Frederic Hanika of Software AG. As a result, more venture capital funds would have been established, which would Financing of start-up companies has become easier.

Hanika went on to say that it was more difficult to found a “large company” than starting a start-up company. This would require a high marketing effort, he emphasized. This is often more expensive than the actual development.

Another one Problem for Boy The founder of the company, according to Heiko Hebig, is the high level of bureaucracy. Here it is from his point of view useful, if simplifications were made possible, at least in the early stages.

See more opportunities than risks

Tom Kirschbaum demanded that the assessment of opportunities and risks must change. "In Germany it is not the vision that is seen but the concerns," he said. Facebook for example, in the media mostly in connection with possible violations of the Privacy mentioned.

"I would like us to talk more about the opportunities," said the company's founder. One of these opportunities lies in the new work culture, which makes the employee “part of the project”, he said. The new working time models, which would have no fixed start or end times and no fixed workplaces, offer advantages and are “exciting for family planning,” said Heiko Hebig.

Independence or isolation?

The advantage of independence through the new work culture is opposed by social isolation, a lack of work rhythm, a lack of infrastructure and a lack of professionalism, said Holger Eggerichs, jointly responsible for "Cloudsters" - a non-profit project for "Future of work” by the Lübeck association Lubeca.

With the project you have a non-profit, urban “co-working” Concept”Created that gives all citizens access to a virtual work platform and allows them to communicate and cooperate across companies.

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