For the refusal at the Job Search there are many criteria that are nowhere to be found. As a rule, those responsible gave precise ideas about who they wanted to hire, also with regard to Age, gender and origin. So I'm not telling you anything new?

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Clear ideas of the desired candidate

While I was working as a recruiter, I got a call from a contractor who was looking for a receptionist. He brought his ideas clearly and clear to expression:

His reasoning was that his demands were closely tied to his clientele with whom he was working.

Reasons for special needs?

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The clientele is not always a justification for such claims; experiences that already exist play a role Team or personal preferences matter.

Imagine, you have a team in which everything is very harmonious, everything runs smoothly, there are no clashes and no rifts, also not in professional terms.

Fresh wind in the team or rather stability?

The team result shows that they have leveled off at a consistently medium level. They decide that a breath of fresh air needs to come in here. In the selection process, therefore, pay attention to one Candidatewho has these skills.

Or: There is always a high fluctuation in a department because of the Executive displays a rather choleric leadership style. In the selection process, you will pay more attention in the future to applicants who leave a stable impression and whom you trust to deal with this boss.

What nobody tells you

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You see, in the selection process, considerations also play a role that you can not see from the outside and will never see.

I myself have been invited to talks for various reasons, which have not always had something to do with my professional life.

What you can do to influence the selection positively

Once it was because I lived on the same street as the decision maker. Often because of my passion for crime, which I have in my Curriculum vitae describe. But there are also a number of selection points that you can very well influence.

A crucial criterion for the selection of candidates is still the photo. Once a photo on the Application the viewer is strongly tempted to make a hasty judgment. Because “a picture is worth a thousand words” is not just a phrase.

Look into my eyes…

Everyone is guided by external characteristics, and even a personnel decision-maker is not exempt from this. Who in no time a decision has to fell, he prefers to look in the face instead of at the text, at least in the first step.

Even if by many now the Significance of the photo is denied, the practice speaks a different language. So whoever thinks that the photo has lost its meaning and the selection takes place solely on the basis of grades and expertise, which is naive.

Photos get more attention

When evaluating user behavior, the absolventa job exchange found that profiles with a photo are clicked three times as many as profiles without a photo. Receive HR an application without a photo, ask yourself, whether consciously or not, why the applicant left out the photo. It's not about beauty or perfection. Sympathy, Expertise and Personality are the key factors.

Actually, in times of imminent skills shortages, one should assume that the selection criteria would be reconsidered. Yes, I agree with you, but experience shows that it is far from being the case everywhere.

Prejudiced prejudices

I remember a case, I call it Harald J. As soon as a boss got his application on the table, it said: independently, who can not say anything more, who is stuck in his views - reject.

And how did the applications of another case fare, I'll call him Matthias? He applied to another Industry, was the statement: no industry background, how does ours want it Employees lead when he doesn't know what we're about. He was known in the same industry and had witnessed his gradual decline - so no interest.

Then the applications came below his former position: if he applies below his position, then something was wrong there before, too far away from the operational one Shop, we can not pay - thank you no.

What have you done?

Also CV and Write to offer the employer a lot of attack surface. If he doesn't find out what you have to offer him, he will turn you down. No information about activities - refuse. No common thread - refuse.

You are expected to dig into the Company think in, recognize and show what you can contribute to the success of the company. He doesn't want to know everything about you, just what is important for his company and the vacant position. In principle, he does not torment himself through extensive essays or multi-page résumés.

With a concise, meaningful and clear presentation of the relevant skills and experiences, you put it on the pile: Interesting.


As a rule, you do not know who decides on your applications. There are many reasons for, but also enough against Candidates speak.

A large undifferentiated scatter brings more frustration than Success. Precise knowledge of one's own experience, knowledge and inclinations coupled with thorough research of the market situation and a targeted application arrive ats Objective.

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