Today, computer maker Dell had invited me to a discussion round to Munich. Topic were the results of Dell's Evolving Workforce Study 2014. Their results are hardly surprising.


Why is?

Dell had nicely announced his expert round, a sadly non-public discussion: Status quo, challenges, opportunities, future developments − the Working world of Future holds a lot of new things for everyone involved. This prompted Dell to commission a TNS study on the “Evolving Workforce” in cooperation with Intel. The results for “Benefits of Technology","Work-Life-Balance and Productivity” and “Ergonomics of the Workplace” show: The desktop PC is the most popular work device among Germans, touch functions have so far mainly dominated in the private sphere, the personal Conversation is still more popular than video conferencing and the majority prefer to work in the office rather than at home.

The discussion round

In order to present the results to us personally and to shed more light on the backgrounds, insights and details of the “new work reality”, Dell and Intel invited us to a non-public discussion round with experts from research - on December 02nd, 2, 2014th : 14 a.m., Munich Literature House, Salvatorplatz 00, 1 Munich.

Included were:

The result: Little surprising

The result is hardly surprising and coincides with my experiences:

  1. According to my testing tests with various laptops, technical devices are not yet fully developed so that they could completely replace a desktop. Factors include performance, storage capacity, battery life, screen size, and operating system.
  2. The operation on smartphones and tablets is due to the smaller screen size still very habituationig, previous operating systems, eg Windows 8, but rely on untrue zwitterlösungen.
  3. WLAN is often not available, many websites are not mobile optimized.

The results in detail

1st fact: Germans predominantly use the desktop for work (78%) and for two thirds (66%) it is even the preferred work device.

2nd fact: Other (mobile) form factors are clearly behind the desktop PC in the evaluation

3rd fact: The classic office is still the preferred workplace for German employees. They also prefer personal approach (e.g. in the form of meetings) to digital and online-based communication.

4. Fact: Development is increasingly moving towards open office structures worldwide.

5th fact: Half of the German employees are of the opinion that you can be productive in the home office. Nevertheless, the majority of respondents (both in Germany and in a global comparison) assume that the classic office will continue to exist in the future.

6. Fact: Overtime is not an exception, even if Germany seems to have tighter boundaries compared to other countries.

7. Fact: 43% of German employees currently use their personal device for work purposes or plan to do so in the future (54% in an EMEA comparison, 58% globally).

8. Fact: Employees have defined expectations of the future and technological developments.

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