Steward or stewardess, officially known as a flight attendant, is a dream job for many - and not just for them anymore Women. But the selection criteria are tough and the job is even tougher. Someone who has been doing the job for more than 5 years tells how it is.

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A normal job for men?

"A woman's job?" Gatis Stanga, 26, from Latvia, looks blank when he asks why the one Job that is usually attributed to women: "Flight attendant is not a typical woman's job, it's quite normal for men!" he says.

He also states that the passengers react to him as normal. "My Executive started in the 80s, it was maybe extraordinary - but today? ”

After all, 30 percent of the flight attendants at airBaltic, where Gatis works, are men. It can happen that there are only male crew members in an airplane. "Some people are already confused about the stewardesses," admits Gatis.

Stress and physical stress

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In addition, the job is very stressful, a good thing Health and psychological skills are necessary, for example to deal with children running around or passengers with fear of flying. And some things are really hard work: "Push the 100 kg trolleys around, that's actually nothing for women!"

But Gatis finds the night flights, on which the crew members take turns sleeping, particularly exhausting: "It's not light, when you want to sleep and are not allowed to,” says Gatis. But charter flights are also difficult: “They think so customers, they paid for that and get everything they want!”

What about relationships, I want to know. "It's not easy," says Gatis. “But possible. If you want. ” The partner must understand the job. Flight attendants often work until three or four in the morning or are not at home for a few days.

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Intercultural and varied

It is this change, however, that Gatis loves at his job: Different countries, cultures and languages. Gatis himself speaks Latvian as well as English and Russian.

But there are areas where that doesn't help him, he adds with a grin: "If we fly to Uzbekistan, for example. Everything is completely different there and you have no choice but to hands and to use feet for communication!”

Dreamjob Flight attendants?

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Nevertheless, Gatis's flight attendant was not the job he had dreamed of all his life: until his training start, he had not flown a single time. But the job appealed to him: With initial 20 he had first worked in telemarketing.

But after a year he was too bored: “Always only in Office sitting, it's like a cage for me,” he says. “I'm a communicative person and wanted to come along People have to do!" Therefore, Gatis was immediately enthusiastic when friends of a Vocational Training told to flight attendants.

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How is the training going?

Gatis applied to airBaltic and completed the three-month training at the training center in Riga, where the interior of aircraft was faithfully recreated and emergencies are trained. Even swimming training and training as a lifeguard are part of it!

After two months “ashore”, Gatis was allowed to fly in a passenger plane for the first time, then the test followed. He has been working for airBaltic for 5 years now and has now become a supervisor.

occupations pictures
occupations pictures
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From the flight attendant to the pilot?

What Set he has for them Future, I ask. Maybe become a pilot? "Oh, that's nonsense," Gatis laughs, "that people think they can go from being a flight attendant to being a pilot. This is a completely different job that requires completely different skills!”

In addition, pilot training is very expensive: “There is no pilot training in Latvia. You have to finance it yourself privately. And because the weather in Latvia is so bad, but it needs good weather for flight training, you sometimes have to go abroad! ”

After all: Gatis actually tried to make a private ticket. But he noticed: “This is not for me. Sitting in the cockpit is like being in the office again. I prefer to deal with people! ”

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