More and more People "burn out". Does that mean they burned for her before Company? Not necessarily. Rather, they are caught in a spiral of “don't want to make mistakes”, “finally get ahead”, “meet expectations” and “want to be liked”.

Busyness in business

Just a game?

Because the big one Business-world is a game. The rules of the game are known and you often know what you have to do and how or what you should say (or not) to whom and how.

If you are constantly on the edge and think you have to say “yes” everywhere and always and have to meet the high demands of others at all times, you might soon find yourself in one Burnout again. That's how the game works.

Terribly “busy”

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In the past, every self-respecting executive wore a “timeSystem” around with himself. A paper scheduling system. The incredible advantage over a smartphone? At one meeting, you could have the weekly overview out in the open and everyone would see how terribly busy you are.

“But we can't change the game,” said one to me Coaching-Customer. "You're right," I replied. "But you can decidewhether you want to take part in this game at all and if so, what role you want to play in the game. Or - and this is not the worst variant: you draw up new Regulate. "

Tip 1: Which field are you on at the moment?

Consider your current life situation with something Distance. Are you currently on the board of Ludo, Monopoly or Chess? There are times in life when “Monopoly” is important—the pursuit of Money and recognition. There are phases in which strategic skill is at stake – like in chess.

And there are times when you can just roll the dice and see what “life” brings you. Be aware of what “game” you are in. With which other players. And make sure that you still want to participate in this game at all.

Tip 2: Re-define the rules!

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"Moment. It's not that easy. You can't just change the rules," comes the objection of my coachingcustomers. But. You can design a whole new game. And you set the rules. – So you are looking for an employer who is related to your “Sinn”And fits your values ​​or you start your own company, for example.

The question is, will you find people who like your game rules so much that they want to work for you? And if you find people who find your attitude so inspiring that they will become your customers.

Tip 3: Do not create a dice game - but a sense game!

Create a game that has a deeper meaning. A sense that you can continue to communicate. If this sense is in line with the attitude of other people, these people will like to play with you - because it makes sense to them.

And no Anxiety: If you can't think of anything right away, that's "normal". Unfortunately. But make sure you think about it properly.

Tip 4: How many winners does your game have?

As a gameDeveloper may you money to earn. And with a really good conscience. After all, you give a lot of people beautiful, meaningful hours.

But if they too Employees, which assemble your games, Fun with you - because you know that thousands of people will have hours of fun with your game - then your game has achieved much more than "just" entertaining. It makes sense.

Tip 5: How do your customers know about your game?

You can play the coolest, most meaningful and most beautiful game of the Welt have: If no one finds out about your product, it will be stillborn. If you "burn" for your product yourself, your employees see a deeper meaning in it and thus also "burn" for the product, you already have a few very good multipliers.

Of course it needs good Marketing. Don't forget to communicate why you made this game. Because you no longer wanted to participate in other games. Because you were looking for something with more meaning. You will then attract people who are looking for exactly the same thing.

So what is your game?

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