The augmented reality game Pokémon Go triggered a worldwide hype, and the topics of blockchain and fintech are also hotly debated. But how do you do that in this area? successfully Career? And what are the long-term developments on the labor market?

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Augmented reality on the rise

Augumented Reality (AR) is gaining more and more Significance – also on the job market. But what is the best way to embark on such a career? For example, in 2016, the story of a man who quit his job to work as a Pokémon Go trainer went viral.

That throws various Ask to: Can anyone start a career in this area? does it need one Vocational Training or a Study? Should you move to Munich or Berlin? And where are the best chances of success?

3 Tips for Careers in Augmented Reality

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For this analysis, Joblift analyzed job offers and identified three key success factors that are helpful in launching a career in AR:

  1. Do you study! Looking more closely at the places currently being advertised, one notes that many of the advertisements require a completed degree. 49% of the tenders expect a master's degree, 13% a Bachelordiplom. Around 2% of the posts require even a doctorate. In cross-industry average, however, these quotas are 43%, 7% and 1%. A successful university degree therefore sets the foundation for a career in the AR.
  2. Put the focus on IT or design! A computer science study is particularly helpful because 35% of the tenders are directed at IT specialists. Design elements are also very popular - 10% of the sites are aimed at designers such as user interface and 3D designers. In the meantime, there are even special study courses devoted to the AR. These are for example the master programs Mulitmedia / VR-Conception at the castle Giebrichstein Kunsthochschule in Halle, Serious Games and Virtual Reality at the Glasgow School of Arts or Virtual and Argumented Reality at the Télécom SudParis. But more generalistic courses in the fields of computer science, media informatics, computer visualization and game design are also promising starting points to tackle a career in the AR.
  3. Move to Munich or Berlin! After studying, it is then the search for the perfect job. However, in which city are the prospects for an exciting place with AR reference best? Particularly promising is a search in Munich and Berlin - each 10% of the jobs are written there. So you will find around 1 / 5 of the German AR jobs in Munich and Berlin. The two large cities are thus a promising starting point in the search for a position in the AR area. Ingolstadt and Frankfurt am Main each offer around 5% of vacancies and are therefore also relevant work places.

Where are concrete job opportunities?

The IT-, design or even AR studies - ideally with a master's degree - is the ideal starting point for your job search. In addition, the variety of jobs in Munich and Berlin is particularly large.

By the way, there was exactly one job offer in 2016 looking for a Pokémon Go trainer. A German Startups Magazine is looking for a passionate trainer to help catch Pokémon and hatch eggs by using his Endurance on excursions throughout Berlin.

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But what are the current trends in the labor market as a whole? The fact is: In our high-tech Welt is characterized by very specific technologies every year. And there are also true trend technologies in job searches, as the data from Indeed shows, for example.

For example, the game Pokémon Go and virtual reality goggles that let you dive into interactive 360 grade worlds were omnipresent to 2016 in public. At public fairs like IFA or CeBit you could hardly overlook the glasses.

From Pokémon Go to VR glasses

And also on the Future There were several virtual reality stands at the same time. In Pokémon Go, the game characters are embedded in their own, real environment - that's why even public places in Germany were temporarily banned from playing. It's called augmented reality Technology, which makes this possible.

Both trends were also evident on the labor market in 2016. So the searches for the increased Term "Jobs in Augmented Reality" on the world's largest jobs site Indeed has skyrocketed following the launch of Pokemon Go in the US. A look at Germany reveals a clear picture here as well. Searches for augmented or virtual reality increased by as much as 2014 percent between 2016 and 630.

Blockchain and FinTech

A similar breakthrough came in 2017 for jobs in the fintech industry. In particular, jobs around the technology Blockchain should rise suddenly and attract more interest of the Jobsuchenden on itself.

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FinTech is the industry name for startups that develop digital offerings for the financial and banking sector. The central technology is the so-called blockchain. This enables the writing of data records that can no longer be changed afterwards. This makes purely digital processes tamper-proof, secure as evidence and therefore justiciable. All together a basic requirement for what is required in finance Trust.

The shaft is rolling

Neither the term FinTech nor blockchain are in the public focus yet. The big tipping point that Augmented and Virtual Reality had this year with Pokemon Go and the VR glasses has so far not materialized.

There are two unmistakable signs for this. On the one hand, the specialist media are already reporting on the development. Second, Indeed is already seeing a significant increase in jobs in this environment. Searches for “FinTech” have increased by 86 percent compared to the previous year. In the search for “blockchain” there is even an increase of 241 percent. We will keep an eye on the development!

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