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Interactive eTutor: Life is a learning journey

Your interactive learning tutor – This is how it works:

With our innovative eTutor you have the opportunity to achieve your learning goals in an interactive way - no matter what they are. The eTutor is always available to assist you and help you achieve your full learning potential. Immerse yourself in a new dimension of learning and experience an individual learning experience tailored to your needs and progress. Let us achieve your goals together and make your learning journey a success!

And this is how you can get started with the AI ​​solution – free for book buyers: You book the tool and can get started straight away on the same page. Immediately after booking, the input field for the AI ​​extension becomes visible. The booking can be canceled monthly. Book buyers can even register for free using their voucher code (entered when booking). Important: You retain all rights to the information you share with the AI ​​tool and your data will no longer be used in accordance with our Privacy policy.

After unlocking You will find numerous tips and prompts for optimal use of the AI ​​solution under the input field. A prompt is used to give the AI ​​extension initial information on the basis of which the tool generates answers or entire texts. It can consist of a single sentence, a question, or even multiple sentences. Depending on how the prompt is worded, it can affect the tone, content and context of the response generated, so it is important to follow certain rules.

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7 reasons: This is what the interactive eTutor brings to your learning – with 100 prompts

The interactive eTutor not only allows you to fully exploit your learning potential, but also to achieve your goals faster. Whether you are a student, student or lifelong learner, he is always there to help you and provide you with a tailored learning experience that allows you to learn anytime, anywhere. You have access to a variety of learning materials, interactive exercises and real-world examples to help you deepen your understanding and apply your knowledge. Our eTutor also gives you the opportunity to track your progress and measure your performance so you can clearly define your goals and stay motivated.

The interactive eTutor is more than just a conventional learning companion. It is an intelligent virtual assistant that is based on artificial intelligence and continuously adapts to your individual needs and learning progress. He analyzes your strengths and weaknesses, identifies gaps in your knowledge and develops personalized learning plans tailored precisely to your needs. In addition to its great flexibility, the tool also offers an interactive learning environment where you can interact with other learners and benefit from their experiences. You can ask questions, have discussions, and work on projects together to deepen your understanding and gain new perspectives. The eTutor offers these advantages at a glance:

  1. Customization: The eTutor adapts to your individual needs and learning styles. He identifies your strengths and weaknesses and develops a personalized learning plan tailored to your specific goals.
  2. Grasp complex topics and explain them clearly: The eTutor can explain complex topics in an understandable way, summarize them in a compact manner and help you to better understand even difficult contexts.
  3. 24/7 availability: eTutor is available XNUMX/XNUMX so you can learn anytime, anywhere. No matter whether you have a question or problems understanding, need help with homework or want to prepare for an exam - our eTutor is always there for you.
  4. Provision of exercises and tasks: The eTutor can provide you with exercises and tasks to apply your knowledge and improve your skills. The eTutor can also adapt your learning plan and give you targeted recommendations to achieve your learning goals efficiently.
  5. Interactive learning methods: The eTutor offers interactive learning methods that make learning more effective and entertaining. From interactive exercises and quizzes to interactive simulations and virtual experiments. This allows the eTutor to monitor your learning progress.
  6. Motivation, support and immediate feedback: The eTutor can motivate and support you by giving you positive feedback and encouraging you towards your goals. This allows you to track your progress, understand your mistakes and work specifically on your weak areas to strengthen your strengths and improve your weaknesses. The eTutor also gives you instant feedback on your answers and performance.
  7. Wide range of topics: The eTutor covers a wide range of topics, from math and science to languages ​​and humanities to career and personal development. No matter what subject or topic you want to learn, the interactive eTutor is there to help you.

Start today and experience learning in a whole new way! Immediately after payment you can access the activated eTutor at use.

As a subscriber or book buyer, you can access the 100 best prompts for using this AI tool here after logging in!