Job profile! Online recruiting expert: Erasmus humanum est - job search as a humanities scholar

In the beginning is that Study. And then comes the job. At least that's what all the students think. All students? No, there is a relatively large group of students who do not know from the outset what they can do with their master's, master's or bachelor's degree in professional life.

Practice counts!

I felt the same way during my language and literature studies (English and French). “Studying business administration alongside your languages ​​gives you better job opportunities,” I was advised on the one hand. But I had never been able to do much with (economic) theory.

“Do internships to establish a practical relevance,” I was told on the other. "Go abroad and use your languages", "Proof 'computer courses to be fit in computer science." I took these last three pieces of advice to heart and soon found that it helped me tremendously. Finally, as well as a literatureprofessor of English studies showed the USP of soft skills of humanities scholars (including quick and thorough familiarization with often non-subject areas), I was well equipped for the job market.

Although my career aspirations were, “I want to do a job where I can use my foreign language skills, and that Internet should also be an important part of my job”, which is usually acknowledged with a heavy frown, but that is exactly what I do professionally today: I work in Lyon in a French HR-Internet communication agency that is internationally oriented!

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ERASMUS as a springboard

How did I get that? I went to Lyon for a few months with the ERASMUS program just before graduation to prepare for the language practice part of my exams. I liked life and the city so much, so I decided to return soon. So in April I returned 2004 with a LEONARDO internship in my pocket back to the Rhône and Saône metropolis.

What I did not know at the time was that I would spend the next six years there, right in that Companysin which I had completed the internship.

From communication to consultation

While I was initially for the Germany-based Communication- and was responsible for marketing activities (revising websites, writing newsletters, cooperations, trade fair organization, etc.), I gradually got to know the sales and consulting business. My customer base developed well, so I switched completely to consulting in 2007.

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A certain Marketing– and I still have PR work in the Industry continued since 2007: in the form of my blog In the meantime I've settled into Web 2.0 and Online Marketing in connection with personnel marketing and personnel recruitment topics and increasingly advise companies that want to present themselves to the applicant target group on these channels.

For joy of study

In the end, I did exactly what I was always advised to do: study the subjects that mattered to me Fun make. If you don't become a idiot, think outside the box and give room to your other interests, you will find your way from studying humanities to working life.

By the way, I still have mine Job I was looking for myself and am now an expert in the analysis and strategic planning of personnel marketing campaigns and social media Recruiting.

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