For many medium-sized companies, selling is part of the business Everyday life. Bringing in orders is a matter for the boss, even if they are not “born Seller" is. But acquiring new customers is often difficult because of unconscious fears blockages cause. Fears are normal – hardly anyone talks about them!


Fear of rejection

The word Anxiety is due to "anghu", which means something like "tight" or "harassing". Whoever is afraid loses his sovereignty. Confidence wanes. A feeling of helplessness sets in.

Many still try to act or react. Others slip into victimhood and simply refuse to make the necessary new customer acquisition. But nobody would admit "I am afraid of rejection and therefore do not win new customers!" It sounds better “Acquiring new customers is not my cup of tea - I don't have time for that!”

Learned fear

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Many fears have been learned. Not only parents (in a family business a very decisive factor!) And older siblings characterize children, but also authorities such as teachers or media. If someone is afraid of a group to speak, this can be due to an unpleasant experience in the school.

No one can run away from fear because it is there People is. Fear should not be perceived as something bad, but as something helpful, since it shows where there is still potential. In short: medium-sized companies have to face their (sales) fear. But what can you do about the fears that have arisen? 5 tips to help you:

1. Be aware of fears

There are numerous potential sales fears that you should be aware of and face up to. Here is a list of common fears: The fear (there) of ...

2. Do not suppress fear

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Hardly any entrepreneur will confess his fear of price negotiations against his executives. And these would also show little understanding for this. Affected ones are thus overcoming their fears.

No one likes to question themselves - and aggressively seeks Solutions. Rather, the topic is suppressed. Others do not accept help out of false pride or believe that these fears will eventually go away on their own.

3. To be afraid of

"It scares me!" Fear is often postponed in everyday language. "I'm afraid!" would be more honest because it is a feeling that is in the speaker.

And if someone else has something, then only he can influence it. But if you have it yourself, then it is subject to your own power: Even fear can influence yourself.

4. Get out of the vicious circle

Fear leads to negative feelings. Even small failures can reduce the fear of failure increase. When there is pressure to succeed, nervousness increases and with it the fear of failure. The whole thing builds up.

As the fear of failure increases, the likelihood of failure increases. Associated with the risk that the entrepreneur appears as a "supplicant" and to fast Discounts because his self-esteem is low. You should be aware of this vicious circle and overcome it in good time.

5. to overcome fear

Better than “I CANNOT acquire!” is “I can't acquire YET!” That Feedback of customers helps. Even if it is not in the interest of the entrepreneur, he should deal with it.

With the help of successful colleagues, professional support in the form of a training or a professional sales coaching. But without pressure, because to reduce fears, takes time.

Three helpful thoughts to deal with burgeoning fears in the acquisition:

  1. "Now I am curious to know what kind of person I am getting to know!"
  2. "I can't get worse from the conversation, just win!"
  3. “If someone notes that I am under stress, I can tell my conversation partner at any time. Maybe then I will be even more likeable to him. ”

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