In the course of the new Working world numerous new professions are emerging and many of them are downright dream jobs. People who understand people are increasingly needed for this. A touchpoint manager can be very helpful in this context.

Touchpoint Manager

What is fit for the cultural change on the labor market implies

How long is that going to take? A new management culture is being demanded more and more urgently, one that suits our new world of work. The world of work has undeniably changed. Not only has it become more digital, the balance of power has also reversed. What that means? Today decide especially your own customers through her Online-Tell about whether new customers come and buy. And your own Employees play a key role in deciding who attracts the best talent.

Appropriate internal framework conditions and a management culture geared to this change are inevitable in order to be able to be tempting for both customers and employees in new ways. In Future companies will have to close down simply because they can no longer find qualified employees who want to work there.

Leadership is faced with completely new challenges

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In these new times must Executives learn from now on how to master new working models, i.e. to manage employees who are only present occasionally and for shorter periods of time and so on fast as productive as possible.

In the future, people will primarily be paid for thinking. On the other hand, everything that computers can do is systematically rationalized away. Only the difficult, the individual, the tailor-made and the special remain in the working area of ​​the People.

And is there a weekend crash course sufficient?

To in future successfully to be, outdated management structures must be dismantled, better framework conditions created for our new working world and sustainable employee management made possible. Completely new touchpoints, these are the points of interaction between managers and employees, and completely new forms of Communication will arise in the process.

But lo and behold: for a technical one Vocational Training took a manager years. For management training, on the other hand, should a weekend crash course be sufficient – ​​if at all!? There are countless bosses who mean well but don't do it well. This is devastating! Especially when it comes to leadership, you have to studieren and to practiceto shine.

An internal Touchpoint Manager is helpful for the new world of work

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creativity is the key resource of the future. And work must Fun do to get good. An internal touchpoint manager can ensure the right framework conditions. As a link between Organization, employees and management he is for business-related topics and the welfare of the people.

He takes care of the physical, mental and emotional fitness of the company, so that their performance remains at its peak. This function is cross-functional, not bound to a department. And it has both strategic and operational components. This is why she is much more than just a little coworker.

In times of talent shortages, employer rating portals and social media talk, she can talk about the future of a Company play a key role in decision-making. In this respect, an internal touchpoint manager needs the absolute support of the management, since his path is bumpy and he does not always just make friends. After all, anyone who is on the road as an atmospheric representative of employees will inevitably uncover grievances.

The possible task areas of an internal touchpoint manager

An internal touchpoint manager is an advocate of the employees and bridge builders between up and down. Its possible task:

The internal touchpoint manager is a generalist. He has a mature personality that is both authoritative and sensitive, but also analytical and structuring. The job holder should be able to work in an interdisciplinary manner and be familiar with both management and HR topics, for which he or she needs previous education or training.

He is a moderator, networker, communicator and diplomat rolled into one. For this he needs psychological knowledge and Coaching-Expertise. He must be passionately convinced of the usefulness of his position in order to be able to convince. With the help of Collaborator Touchpoint Management, which I will explain in a later article, its task can be systematized and mastered.

The Feelgood Manager as a pioneer of Touchpoint Manager

As predecessor of the touchpoint manager the Feelgood Manager are valid. This feature has specifically in the ITbranch found quite a number of followers. But the Feelgood Manager is still often seen as a pure employee fun. “Mood colleagues!” headlines Die Zeit, for example.

Who can still seriously do that today? Opinions be, good mood am Workplace show a lack of professionalism? This myth dates back to the time when industrial manufacturing processes used REFA-Zand even talking in factories was banned. At that time, you only saw the time it takes to make a chat during working hours, not the buoyancy that comes with it.

The best alternative to such outdated thinking is Google, one of the most valuable brands and one of the most attractive employers in the world World. I personally visited the branch in Hamburg and can assure the reader: there are enough feel-good opportunities, but at the same time the work there is highly committed.

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