In the Success sales are not just about classic sales negotiations, but generally about conversations in which you try to get your point of view, yours Idea or to enforce your proposed solution with someone else.

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Negotiation meeting

The difference between a discussion or a meeting and a negotiation is primarily that meetings are more of an informative-creative-coordination Character have and a specific Problem to solve, while negotiations are primarily aimed at reaching agreement on a specific issue.

Or, to put it more subjectively: It's not about the truth, it's about your success. Nonetheless, I deliberately refrained fromTricks” or unfair negotiation methods – and there are quite a few of them.

However, I think that who objectively and fairly negotiates, in the long run has more of it than the one who seeks to achieve his advantage through feints and deceitful maneuvers. Below you will learn how to proceed in a negotiation.

Step 1: Prepare the transaction well

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Make it a principle not to negotiate without first considering the following points:

Step 2: Welcome your negotiating partners

Make for a pleasant conversation atmosphere. Usually, negotiations do not start immediately with the actual topic - before that is the small talk.

Through some personal words (so-called “icebreakers”), try to positive establish rapport with your interlocutors; However, don't stay in the conversational tone for too long.

Step 3: Name the topic of conversation

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Before the actual negotiation begins, you should name the framework data.

Briefly explain the planned Agenda, forms You that Objective of the negotiation and say how much time you have for that Conversation have foreseen.

Step 4: Start with the interview

Now the actual transaction begins. In order to make progress quickly and to achieve concrete results, please note the following:

Step 5: Make a decision

If you are suitable, you should draw a conclusion. Repeat all the important points that you have agreed with each other in order to dispel any remaining misunderstandings.

Clarify the next specific steps and determine responsible persons and deadlines.

Step 6: Prepare the transaction

Inform all affected colleagues and Employees in your institute/Companys about the results. Implement agreements as soon as possible and analyze how the negotiation went from your point of view.

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