In times of social media, networking has become a mass phenomenon. It is therefore all the more important to act purposefully in networking. 10 tips.

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Targeted networking

Networking, the right contacts, is important for the Success. But the Art consists of selecting from the large mass of potential contacts those who will help you further because they have important information or influence.

But serendipity, a certain openness to unforeseen events and contacts, is also important: because many good contacts just happen by chance. Because at every business event there is Peoplethat you can benefit from.

People knowledge asked

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Nevertheless, it is important to be able to correctly assess other people. It is helpful to recognize the different types and to be able to classify them correctly.

Because not everyone who talks non-stop at a network meeting is also really interesting. On the other hand, perhaps those who sit quietly in the corner and watch the bustle are important.

The good guys do not need it anymore!

Because just who already has a large and well maintained Network generally no longer needs to really get to know everyone. Many a gray mouse who is sitting around alone in the corner at an event turns out to be the silent star of the network meeting who is secretly well informed about everything that is going on.

Therefore it is not always light, find out the really important people and hang out with them Conversation get. Above all, because the really interesting people are extremely picky about who they talk to.

First look, then act ...

But how can contact with the right people still succeed? The best Method is to first look around at an event: Where are larger groups? Who is talking to whom? Who has the overview?

In the second step you can approach individual people and start small talk or listen to the conversations in groups and get involved in interesting conversations. This way you get fast a feeling for whether further deepening of the contact is worthwhile - or not.

Typical errors in networking

However, one should always be careful to put people immediately in drawers. If you are trying to get connected as fast and efficiently as possible, and always have the right people with you, networking is quicker than ever. Networking is always a healthy giving and taking. And others notice very quickly when they are to be worn out.

But it's equally important not to let yourself be taken advantage of: networking has nothing to do with free services and constant support from others. And no one should get involved in uninteresting conversations for hours at network meetings: in such cases, it is appropriate to be polite but firm”No" accept.

10 tips for networking

Not every potential contact is the ideal network partner for you. Which types will help you - and which not? Here is a perhaps not completely deadly meant survey, who could be important - and who you can safely leave!

  1. The silent star: You do not recognize him at first glance, because he likes to be alone in the corner and relaxed watching the situation. Only when something really interests him does he approach her.
  2. The charismatic: always surrounded by a cluster of people, but still attentive, if something really interests him. The best method: Simply listen. He will ask if he wants to know something.
  3. The mimosa: Also rather quiet, but when you address them, the mimosa quickly turns out to be sensitive, always negative things happen. It's better to look far before the lacrimal glands open.
  4. The Long-Liver: Mostly he comes to you and talks without ceasing - but mostly trivial stuff. Find an excuse and search the distance before you lose too much time.
  5. The skeptic: At first it seems unappealing because he looks at everything critically and has something to complain about in everything you say. Still, criticism can sometimes help you. Give him a chance.
  6. The Unconventional: Even if he likes to appear with holes in the jeans: Behind the freaky façade is more than one can trust him in the first moment. A network partner who can arouse interest.
  7. The over-zealous: dressed dressed, always trying to say the right, but actually is not really interesting. Be polite, but do not lose too much time.
  8. Der Schleimer: An unpleasant contemporary: he tries to get information from you by telling you exactly what you want to hear.
  9. The Besserwisser: Unlike the skeptic, the know-it-all is only looking for your approval and brings them little. It's best to introduce two know-it-alls to each other!
  10. The secret: The opposite of the Chatterbox - twice as interesting, because he usually has important insider information, but are difficult to get out of it. Rejoice when talking to you.

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