Professionally or privately, many are already in the digital world Welt active and communicate via various social media channels. 11 social media Knigge-Tips help with a professional appearance.

Professional appearance in social media - 11 tips: Show the Internet style too

Why good behavior in social media pays off

Social media is the technical term for certain communication offers in the Internet. If you register as a member with your personal data, these social networks provide you with storage space for photos, videos, testimonials and self-marketing.

You can share these with the community and connect with other members. Access to social networks is free, but the price the customers for the disclosure of private data. Radinger therefore recommends reading the terms and conditions in advance.

11 Social Media Knigge Tips

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  1. Use social media - and stay critical: Social networks can facilitate and enrich the relationship, but also carry risks. Choose your networks and contacts wisely. Also pay attention to communication style and content so you do not suffer any disadvantages.
  2. Make a critical selection of social networks: Consider how you want to use the respective social networks - professionally or privately. You should avoid mixing and critically assess what information you provide. Personal topics should not be spread out in the public, because there is the message function.
  3. Think of your image / your brand: Not only friends, but also potential business partners use social networks to get a picture of you. Your credibility and your image will suffer if the performance is not consistent. Choose photos that you also use in your business life, or private photos that are intact. Personal images should also protect the privacy of others, they should be asked for permission before uploading.
  4. Distance: Leave it up to your customers to add you as “friends” because rank also counts here. You should send inquiries consciously and not give the impression that you are randomly collecting new contacts, because not every professional relationship has to appear in a social network.
  5. Should you reject unwanted requests? Yes absolutely. You could send a friendly feedback confirming only personally known persons as friends. This will help avoid misunderstandings and speak for you.
  6. Do not bother your contacts: Don't bother your "friends" with annoying games and applications. If you limit your communication to playful requests only, you will quickly be ignored.
  7. Stay friendly: Keep the forms of courtesy. Even if all network partners are shown as "friends", an unexpected dueling between business partners is not well received. A correct salutation and a polite farewell greeting are part of any contact inquiries and increase your chances of being accepted. The same forms of politeness apply in social networks as in business or private life.
  8. Respond humorously: Do not delete any uncomfortable entries from your pin board, but react with humor instead of doggedly. The decisive factor is not the entry, but your reaction. You may want to block people on your contact list who you notice are uncomfortable.
  9. Watch for incoming messages: Check your messages regularly and reply as well as yours eMails, at least once a day. The only way to keep the conversation alive is if you respond directly to entries.
  10. The Internet does not forget anything! Before each posting, think about whether it will be good for your image later on. Would you make that statement in real life? The internet never forgets. Many customers/companies are also represented on social networks and read your entries. Correct spelling and grammar apply here as well. All uppercase means scream. If you discover an error in a comment that has already been posted, it is best to delete it and rewrite it.
  11. Provide recommendations: Use your networks also to write tips on interesting books, movies, or even products. In between, you can also apply your own products, but in moderation. Do not bother your contacts with aggressive advertising. Social networks are not sales platforms. Advertising postings on the pinboards of other networks are considered very rude.

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