Sitting on your butt in front of the computer all day is extremely unhealthy. New concepts are needed when we are in Future or healthy want to work.

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Plate Butt, crooked back

Man is not for sitting for hours, often with his back in front of his computer. If that were the case, our anatomy would look very different:

We have flat buttocks, short legs and crooked backs. And by nature!

Sitting kills!

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Not a particularly aesthetic idea, is it? But the result of the unnatural work situation in which most of us are day by day: back pain, mouse arm, smartphone thumb.

In addition, prolonged sitting increases the likelihood of cancer. Sitting kills - slowly, but inexorably.

Standing consoles do not solve the problem

A thousand great tips for the correct sitting posture, special chairs, sitting balls and not help. What helps, however, is to keep moving.

The new Ikea desk, which you can move up or down depending on your needs and which is correspondingly expensive, is in my opinion only a half-baked one Solution: At some point the mechanism will be broken or the tangle of cables behind the desk will block the practical basic idea.

Revolution of the office landscape

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Also the change to the desk or the desk over the treadmill is presumably only a halfgare solution: too great is the seduction, but again sink into its office chair.

The Dutch design studio RAAF and the artist Barbara Visser therefore had a completely different one Idea: With their installation “The End of Sitting” they want to completely revolutionize our office landscapes.

The work of the future

They created a Office , in which you stand, lean against something or even lie down – but only rarely sit. Only one thing is guaranteed: that you will always be on the move.

Because the whole ambience seems more like a huge rocky landscape than a Workplace. And that's why modern office workers have to climb over it like chamois, apparently according to the designers.

Today's world of work seduces to sit

They explain the unusual idea on their project page as well: 'In our society, we have the same problem. [We] have developed a concept in which the chair and desk are no longer unquestionable starting points. '

Great idea, but ...

A great idea, the greatest Problem, but what I see is the space requirement: Which Company can such a monster already be in the office?

In addition, the question arises as to whether one can really work productively here - on the video it looks more like a chilled thing, which is more likely to have come from the designers' wishful thinking. Unfortunately, the reality often looks different. And lying around and reading with a broken one Head it's not really healthy either...


Speaking of reality: Of course we can now hope that our bosses will give us a great Work-Environment available, with climbing courses or home trainers - but what do we do until then?

A solution, which does not even cost more, has Founder of LinkedIn, Konstantin Guericke, ready: Things that you do not have to do at your desk, embarrass yourself outside. For example, meetings.

Walking meetings?

Up to 15 Wandermeetings makes Guericke in the week. He remembers the important things by remembering unusual events along the way. And it is becoming more and more exciting to business partners as well.

So off your hiking boots and out to the Meeting!

Control your mobile phone with jeans

There is also the right piece of clothing for this: intelligent jeans. Because jeans are not suitable for Business, they say – except maybe in IT-Area. That could change soon - of all things, when jeans become the work tool of the future.

A first step has already been made with furniture that recharges mobile phones and mobile devices. Now jeans manufacturer Levi's wants to go a step further: With jeans that control mobile devices.

Smart jeans thanks to Google

Sounds crazy and unnecessary? Maybe for now. But you think of the many situations in which you want to talk to your counterpart about something and then first have to type wildly on the cell phone. Or while hiking.

This is exactly where Levi's wants to remedy the situation with its “Smart Jeans”, ” as designer Paul Dillinger explains. And who else is in the party? Right Google. The project was dubbed “Project Jacquard” there. The Internet-Riese wants to make networked clothing suitable for the masses.

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How does this work?

Technically, this is to function in such a way that conductive threads are incorporated into the fabric. They are connected with chips the size of a button. On the fabric, the users can then control their devices with wiping movements.

So when someone on the train is hectically touching himself - he hasn't gone crazy, he just wears smart clothes.

Are smart jeans washable?

I can think of several Ask: Can you wash it? Don't break the chips when you wash them. In addition, it says further on trends of the future:

“The smart trousers and generally with the new one Technology Treated material can be treated, washed and stretched like normal fabrics.”

Soon also intelligent home textiles?

One can be curious. After all: Google can already imagine making home textiles such as armchair covers, curtains or carpets “intelligent”. I'm not for surewhether I would really buy something like that.

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