6 Tools for Robot Recruiting in SMEs: Set by Robot?

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Big data, algorithms, matching and co could help medium-sized companies find highly qualified employees. Especially for SMEs there are numerous favorable solutions available. 6 tools at a glance.

robot recruiting

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Wolfgang Brickwedde is Director of the Institute for Competitive Recruiting in Heidelberg.


How Robot Recruiting simplifies the work

The life of Susanne E., Recruiter at the company FerroStahl, one Company With 458 employees on the Swabian Alb, it has become so much nicer and easier since “colleague Computer” has helped: Your job advertisement texts are optimized online so that they get more resonance or address women more successfully in accordance with the new diversity program.

A push of a button is sufficient and the optimized job display is spread over 250 job exchanges and the applicants register. Their CVs are automatically read out and entered into the corresponding fields in their applicant management system.

One button is enough

Then Susanne E. gets 10 clock per eMail a fresh set of potential candidates who fit their profiles without having to do anything. Another software gives her suggestions on which of her jobs the applicant profiles would fit.

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She quickly looks at what kind of personality profile potential candidates have and considers whether they fit the team and the company. Then she decides on the basis of the email suggestions from the personality profile software, which appeals to the candidates best. The opening and response rates of the addressees are recorded in real time and Susanne E. optimizes the subject line a bit so that the response rate is above average.

Talent pools and automated telephone interviewing software

If this is not enough, she can access a talent pool of over 1,5 billion profiles from which she can quickly find the matching profiles and additionally the probabilities for her change and relocation.

An automated telephone interview software helps her in the selection of applicants, which has replaced the previously required assessment center with a 20-minute “robot telephone interview”.

Nice new recruiting world?

Previously, all this was much more complicated, through which many manual work also more flawed and less objective. Now, Susanne E. has more time to discuss the challenges of job vacancies, the labor market situation and the recruiting strategy with her specialist supervisors. Overall, she is more than satisfied with her work situation.

The whole thing sounds like a dream of the future or just what kind of corporation? All of the options presented are already available today, some even free of charge. The keyword is “robot recruiting”. But what is behind the catchphrase?

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Robot recruiting and how SMEs can use it

The term "robot recruiting" describes a partial automation and support of the recruitment process. In part, the media portrays a bit as effectively, as if the jobs soon were no longer assigned by the staff, but by an algorithm. So far, however, it is not yet.

Perhaps you can see it analogous to driving: There are more and more driver assistance systems that make the journey from A to B easier. The autonomous driving is in front of the door. But there is also a crucial difference: when driving from A to B, the car mainly communicates with other things - other cars, traffic signs, guard rails, or the stunts. Recruiting always communicates people together. In this respect, the analogy of driver assistance systems fits better.

Which systems are available?

An important part of robotic recruiting is the use of big data or smart data (since this includes the possibility of using big data). Algorithms support the efficiency of Big Data applications. Matching (jobs with applicants or vice versa and applicants with corporate cultures) is based on algorithms, for example.

  1. Job software: The mentioned job advertisement software is based on the evaluation of over one million job advertisement texts and their success in the form of applications. Conversely, the probability of success of the entered job advertisement text is then calculated in real time. Such software is currently only available in English and therefore can only be used to a limited extent by SMEs. The distribution of job advertisements at the push of a button to 250 job portals is already used by almost 20 percent of companies with fewer than 500 employees and is called multi-job ) posting. Here the prices start at 300 to 400 € per ad.
  2. Parsing: The described automatic reading of CVs is called parsing and is now part of the range of solutions for many applicant management systems, but also available separately on request. This possibility is expressed by 82 percent of SMEs when choosing a software E-Recruiting Software Report considered important or very important.
  3. Active Sourcing and Matching Software: The suggestions for suitable applicants, which are automatically received by 10 clocks at Susanne E., come, for example, from search jobs at XING. Of these, five are included in the premium account for approximately 7 Euro / month. The search jobs are part of the active sourcing activities which almost every third SME already undertakes to attract interesting talents. The matching software, which you make the suggestions for the suitable vacancies, is based on algorithms and is currently not available separately but only within a project.
  4. The software for creating a personality profile analysis: The software for creating a personality profile analysis and the appropriate eMail- Suggestions is a particularly impressive application of smart data: from the “digital footprint”, that is, from data that an Internet user has left in various sources, a personality profile can be created with sometimes frightening accuracy. How it works is a trade secret. But as a freemium solution, SMEs can also try it out for themselves, initially free of charge.
  5. Talent search engines: Big data is also used by so-called talent search engines, which pull together publicly-available information about potential candidates from many different social networks and communities and make it available to recruiters and HR staffers as an easily searchable database of more than 1,5 billion records. The prices for this start at medium-friendly 300 € per month. There are also some algorithms included, which calculate the willingness to change and readiness of the candidates.
  6. Speech analysis technology during telephone interview: The “robot telephone interview” is based on language analysis technology and decoded written and spoken language and provides insights into the interplay of personality, communication and behavior. The software uses language and text to draw a valid picture of applicants.

In sum, there are some free and cost-effective solutions that SMEs can also use to digitize their recruiting processes.

What are the limits of robot recruiting?

Recruiting is increasingly in the tension between man and machine. But if you want to carry out a process computer-supported, you should know the successful strategies, otherwise you reproduce a bad recruiting process only digitally. The result is neither ideal for man nor for machines.

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Only one in five SMEs know in detail the source of the settings. In other words, most companies today do not know what has worked in recruitment and what is not. And if you do not know the success patterns, you can not depict them as computer-assisted.

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      This will surely be the case in a wide range of industries.

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    6 Tools for Robot Recruiting in SMEs: Set by Robot? from Wolfgang ... via BERUFEBILDER - Highly recommended A2YJEKfWTx

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