Manners that seem normal and harmless to us can happen to foreign guests or customers not well received at all. Because culture is not just culture. Itself for sure moving on the international stage is therefore one Art.

Intercultural Competence - 8 Tips: Successfully mastering international encounters

1. Assess gestures and facial expressions correctly

Don't underestimate them Significance from non-verbal Communication and make yourself aware of how you use gestures, facial expressions, eye contact and touch and what your attitude towards other people is.

2. Avoid insults and blemishes

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Quickly you can step into the wrong place abroad and insult your hosts. The more exotic the country, the more important it is to find out in advance what needs to be avoided. But even those who do not travel abroad win through intercultural communication.

3. Know the customs and traditions of the host country

The flowers as a guest gift are accepted with a disturbed look? Friendly wave is considered insult understood? And a greeting across the threshold brings bad luck.

For business relationships abroad decide Knowledge of the customs and customs of the respective countries about degree or not degree. Sometimes a little thing is enough and you leave a bad impression without meaning to. Travelers should therefore carefully study the culture and manners in question beforehand.

4. Master the rules, of course

intercultural Competencies can not by rehearsed Regulate mediated. Esteem, respect and admiration for the interlocutors should characterize the interaction. But it's not always that easy.

Because: If you know and master the rules, you simply have more Success! Whether at a business dinner or on the phone with a customer, it is important to present yourself well in every situation. After all, it's always about social issues recognition and today you can get them more naturally and safely than ever before Appear.

5. Complex manners as a new ability to succeed

Because manners have become complex in our time: patterns of life are changing, large families are rare, singles are on the rise, behaviors of men and Ms. vary, classic boundaries of arm and Rich are no longer clearly assignable by status symbols, trends such as regionalization through to a global feeling influence communication.

Demarcation, openness, alignment, exchange - multicultural competence is multi-faceted and demands a great deal, both professionally and privately.

6. Criteria for the assessment of other cultures

If we are with People from other cultures into Shop would like to come and achieve successful degrees, then you can assess the culture in a country according to the following criteria:

7. Learn to understand cultures

Every human being is influenced by the culture of his environment during his childhood. The influence of the country we grow up in is often underestimated! It's like a program that runs in the background and influences our perceptions, judgments and actions!

Anyone who understands another culture in such a way that he can understand and anticipate the behavior of its members and communicate with them in such a way that their Effect corresponds to his intention, he behaves in this culture competently.

8. To train awareness of one's own culture

However, intercultural competence means even more: Interculturally competent is a person whose awareness of his or her own cultural assumptions and learning experiences is so pronounced that it also communicatively competently performs in unknown societies. To do that, you have to deal with your own culture.

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