Worldly laws must be considered. If you cross them, you can get away with it. In contrast, natural laws have a mandatory Effect. It is all the more important to recognize these and to orient oneself to them.

Growth Mindset for growth & further development: 5 laws for more awareness

Secular and natural laws

When we enter a church, we automatically lower ours voice, because that im System Church is lived like this. It is similar in Companys: Tacit rules and patterns of behavior, but also moods are transferred to everyone People in the system. So has a new motivated Employees There are two options in a company: he adapts to the mood in which everyone is trying to remain as inconspicuous as possible, or he becomes his ideas and leave the company as soon as possible.

Systems and laws - worldly and natural - determine our lives, privately and professionally. They influence the existence and development of people, teams and entire companies. Each of us knows worldly laws such as labor law, the Basic Law, the Civil Code, etc. These laws are made by people, changed by people and can be overridden by people overnight.

5 natural laws for more awareness

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But there are also a multitude of natural laws. Well-known are those in physics or biology, less familiar those in the mental and emotional Welt are at home. Exactly these laws decide but often how conscious and capable of development a company actually is. Let's take a closer look at the five most important ones:

1. The law of analogy (correspondence)

Actions that do not correspond to the inner attitude rob people and companies of their strength. Executives should therefore channel the inner world in the company (their own and that of the employees) in such a way that it corresponds to the desired outer world.

In a nutshell, the law of analogy states that different phenomena that do not look alike at first glance have surprising structural similarities on closer inspection. So the structure of the universe corresponds to the macrocosm of Structure of the microcosm. As in the big, so in the small. And the inner world of man is closely related to the outer world. As on the inside, so on the outside.

2. The principle of vibration and rhythm

No business can ever only grow and increase its earnings increase, there must also be phases of reorientation. Similar to people who need to sleep to regenerate. Managers should therefore embrace and use each phase of the company's rhythm instead of fighting against it.

It is well known that even objects that appear solid and rigid vibrate because all the atoms that make them up vibrate. It is also known that all vibrations influence each other and at the same time are influenced to adjust in order to Harmony get.

3. The principle of causality (cause and effect)

Man ultimately reaps what he sows. The law of causality is an aid for executives to live in such a way that inner and outer real positive effects can arise. Even if it is sometimes difficult to believe in this law because countless examples seem to refute it, two things are important to know:

  1. There is no chronological order when the effect of a cause becomes apparent.
  2. There is no certainty in which way the inner intention of an action will revert to a person.

4. The law of harmony

In a company, the most harmonious combination is when the employees dress on the one hand (values, Sinn, Motivation etc.) because they are the same. On the other hand, they complement each other because they have different schools of thought and skills.

If companies consciously comply with the law of harmony and promote balance, they save themselves a lot resistors and loss of strength.

5. The law of the spirit

Before a new product is developed, there is always a vision or inspiration for it. From this arises the desire to make it happen. Then concrete thoughts and ideas come before it becomes visible (produced) in the matter. This shows that every action and every product is preceded by an inspiration, a feeling and a thought.

Spirit rules over matter, so to speak. Do leaders think well of themselves, their employees, customers, products, services, etc., their feelings about these things also become more positive, which directly affects their actions and the circumstances beneficially influenced in the company.

Don't just treat symptoms!

If we go to the doctor with a broken arm, we expect that he not only treats the obvious symptoms, for example pain, with a remedy, but can also heal the arm (with a professional splint or surgery) because he knows exactly how the body works understands. It's the same in companies! Nevertheless, people with “broken bones” are often only given “painkillers”.

Prevails in Team bad mood, new rules of conduct are defined. Doesn't help Success, you just have to part with one or the other employee. A manager or an entrepreneur who takes action from the Perspektive viewed from a higher level of consciousness, on the other hand, would like to find out where the bad mood comes from.

Acute problems (outside) and deep causes (inside)

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If it turns out that the cause may be competition or a personal argument, it can Konflikt be resolved. After all, this is how the acute ones become Problems questioned and the symptoms treated effectively. But what happens afterwards? If the arm is healed, will the human never break anything again? Once the personal conflict has been resolved, will a new conflict never arise?

Often the causes are only apparent, the deeper causes lie in the person themselves. Recognizing these can only be achieved with an even more far-sighted perception. So it pays to work precisely on it if we actually want true and holistic success for people and companies.

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