The joy is great: You have received an invitation to meet personally for your dream job. At the same time, the panic P develops on your forehead: "What should I wear?" Dr. Job gives tips for the right outfit at the Job Interview.

Job Interview

5 practical tips for the right outfit to apply

In a job interview, the first impression can be crucial, which is why next to a sympathetic Appear clothing is also an important factor that should be considered when preparing for the first meeting. But don't worry if you have a few Regulate followed, then there is no reason to be nervous.

In the following, we have compiled 5 practical tips for men and women who can help with the selection of clothes for a job interview:

1. The right outfit gives security

In general, the rule of thumb applies: whoever takes care of self confident and authentic occurs, already collects plus points. Try to be calm and relaxed Conversation to go - your Curriculum vitae has already convinced the potential new employer. Now (only) the appearance at the first meeting has to be right. Even if you are excited and a bit insecure inside, it is an advantage to “come across” as calmly and confidently as possible. The right outfit can help here; those who feel well dressed tend to be more self-confident.

2. Stay yourself

Of course, you should still be yourself, your counterpart will notice immediately if you are pretending. This also applies to your appearance: stay true to yourself despite the dress code. What does that mean now? Before you think about your outfit, make sure the “basics” are right. This means that your shoes are clean, your clothes are ironed and your hands are maintained. Even if that seems superficial: people use theirs Eyeto identify certain character traits. Kick the Candidate unkempt, it can certainly happen that the HR deduces from this that this makes his work just as messy.

4. Dress code for men: the main thing is that he sits well

What a man should wear to a job interview depends on the area of ​​the job Company from: Is it a position in the financial sector or will (re)presentations be made outside of the company (e.g. HR manager, Adviser) is required, it is advisable to wear a suit.

5. Dresscode for Women - Classic always goes

In principle, women have greater creative freedom than men, but they are also spoiled for choice Choice: dress, skirt, pant suit, what should it be for decide? This is not so clear-cut, because here too the choice depends on the area of ​​the job.

In conclusion

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If man(s) and Ms. If you follow these tips, then nothing stands in the way of a successful appearance at the job interview.

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