The Office a lot has to be done today. Simply placing tables, chairs and computers in a gray, drab room is not enough. Even if it doesn't have to look like Google's office: The optimal office space definitely increases productivity.

Setting up the office correctly using Google as an example: What should you pay attention to?

Why a beautiful office is important

A good office space, for example the Google office in Dublin, should reflect the philosophy and the Character one Company widerspiegeln. This not only ensures that Employees more comfortable here feel, but also Candidate get a more positive, first impression of the Company.

The results definitely make the acquisition costs worthwhile fast make up for it: a little paint on the wall, a break corner and a few plants can do wonders act. Because an office with a good, fresh design helps at the same time Stress to reduce, to increase productivity, the creativity promote and improve the company's image.

Setting up the office correctly using Google as an example: What should you pay attention to?

Inspiration for the walls

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You can divide the office into different areas by separating the walls with different colors. You can find out which colors go well with each other in design magazines. For example, walls in which the cozy quiet corner is set up should be painted in a shade of blue or yellow and a mural can also be attached. For conference and meeting areas, consider bold, bright colors that encourage creativity.

However, at least one wall should be held in a more neutral tone, otherwise the design can quickly overload. As an alternative to color-colored walls, you can also decorate a wall with canvases and pictures. If you are interested in industrial design, wood paneling is interesting.

These can be both light and dark and you can shorten the boards to create a work of art together with the wall. You can also reserve a wall for plants. You can order beautiful office plants online. A bit of green in the office encourages creativity and gives a company a more environmentally friendly image.

Google Docks Office, Dublin, Ireland

The right furniture

It is best to place the less expensive furniture in the break area. New and also second-hand furniture such as sofas, armchairs, hammocks, coffee tables and carpets are ideal for the break area - they have character and are not overly expensive. A good Alternatives is here, for example, Used Office and you will certainly find something at flea markets.

You should be prepared to pay a little more for the chairs and tables at the employees’ main workplace in order to protect their backs. Staples has one here selection on ergonomic chairs. In the meeting area, the seating should also be comfortable and available in sufficient numbers. If the walls here are a bit monotonous, then you can add a little color with a colorful sofa or table.

Setting up the office correctly using Google as an example: What should you pay attention to?


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Of course, a good office needs to be adequately lit. But in addition to the main lighting in the room you should also think of other areas of the office. Table lamps and the lighting in the break areas should not be neglected. It does not always have to be neon lamps.

Here you can get creative. Floor lamps, industrial lamps or maybe even lava lamps can spread their own charm. Above all, however, there should be enough daylight in the office. With the right light, you can not only save electricity, but also increase employee productivity. So have researchers of University of Surrey, for example, found out that blue-enriched light makes you perky.

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