You want to apply for the dream job, but your employer in Spe has a number of negative reviews? 8 tips for handling.

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How can rating portals help you with your job search?

The tender for the personal dream job is on the table. The Application is almost finished - but there are some statements about that on review portals Companythat unsettle you. How do I handle this?

To understand this, you first have to dive deeper into the subject and understand what rating portals actually are. Review portals are a kind of “portal” where you can find and compare different products and services, such as hotels, cars, travel packages, restaurants and so on. And they're trendy, regardless of whether it's about food, products - or employers.

When you need a large dose of information, a good review portal can save you a lot of time and hassle. Reading a well-written review is a great way to get a good overview of a product, but it can also get a bit boring, especially if you are a very regular reader of review portals.

Reviews from employers are controversial

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In the professional field, however, the topic of reviews is quite controversial. students, so Young Professionals, are particularly skeptical about the subject, as a survey of more than 1.000 students shows. The correct handling of reviews in the Job Search be helpful.

Because every year more and more companies publish their employee reviews online. And of course, it's not uncommon to find a company that doesn't have a single one positive review on its website. What's it all about? Is it a conflict of interest? A sign of a bad company? Or is it actually a sign of a good company with a “good” business model that is simply doing its best to make its mark Employees satisfied deliver?

What review portals really reveal about employers

The fact is: many People dislike their current employer. This can be due to the work itself or the people they work with. You may even know people who have quit their jobs because of the work environment. Employer ratings give you an idea of ​​what people think of their employers.

Conversely, it is important to know how employers treat you as a Candidate assess. This is where employer ratings come into play. You can use them as a guide for hiring decisions as well as a resource for Feedback and use information about your performance. If you skim some of these reviews, you will usually learn something about what to expect from your job at the new company, the culture there, the daily challenges and much more. Hence, such reviews are extremely useful.

How to use evaluation portals successfully in your job search

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But how exactly can employer review portals help you and how exactly should you read and understand the reviews? 8 tips that will help.

  1. If there are only a few evaluations, the question arises of the representativeness and it becomes difficult to derive from it the cultural and working atmosphere of a company.
  2. Pay attention to the number of employees and the year the company was founded in relation to the number of reviews. Compare companies in an industry to get a feel for the relationships.
  3. Do not take anything at face value. Experience reports on business processes, such as the application process, convey a helpful impression when they are up-to-date. Otherwise, the assessments may have become obsolete because the processes have been adapted.
  4. There may be many positive posts from satisfied employees. But what about the points that really matter to you? Look for specific information!
  5. Look for assessments that contain statements about issues such as room for maneuver, freedom of choice, variety of tasks and development perspectives in the company. These criteria also allow general conclusions regardless of the position described.
  6. Look for yourself in a balanced perception of negative and positive assessments. Also, whether they might contradict each other?
  7. If possible, use different and independent sources for your fact check. Ask friends and acquaintances to know if someone has an employee or ex-employee of the company to get first-hand information. You can use Xing and LinkedIn to identify an employee and ask for information. Thus, statements found in the network can be validated.
  8. Please take questions in the application interview and discuss them with your local contact person.

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