OPINION! Foreign language expert Heidrun Englert: "Professional success through foreign languages ​​in Europe"

Foreign languages ​​are for professional Success essential. In the EU alone there are 23 official languages ​​and more than 60 language communities with regional or minority languages. Heidrun Englert, second chairman of the working group of German inlingua training centers, speaks in an interview about the Significance of foreign languages.

Heidrun Englert, born 1961, is a Master of German Linguistics. After several years as a study and course consultant at inlingua Munich, she took over the training center in Stuttgart where she taught herself at the beginning. Since 1998, she has been the second chairman of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft der deutschen inlingua Trainingscenter. She speaks German, English and Spanish.

Mrs Englert, what role do language differences play in the EU? Do not the different languages ​​hinder the growing together of Europe?

Yes, the variety of European languages ​​literally impedes understanding between peoples and is one of the greatest Problems in the Idea a common labor market.

For example, many southern Europeans are currently attending German courses with us. They bring qualifications with, who are desperately wanted in our country, but they often do not speak a word of German, what am Workplace obviously brings with it many difficulties.

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How do companies help foreign professionals to integrate?

Fortunately, in terms of welcoming culture, 2012 has changed with Germans Companys done some things. Many support theirs Employees from abroad in language integration.

But despite these problems, languages ​​and dialects are, of course, a protective asset, they have a lot to do with cultural identity.

What does that mean for the future?

I think the Future lies in the bilingualism. This means that children learn a second language in addition to their mother tongue as early as kindergarten and elementary school, which they can later use on the labor market anywhere in Europe.

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This can be English or another language. Due to the economic development, German is currently strongly in the trend.

Are not the other languages ​​automatically replaced?

I do not think so, but of course languages ​​change and some disappear as well. This has always been the case and this will always be the case. I recently heard a Brazilian, a Turkish girl and an Italian speaking at the school.

Her only communication bridge was her only a few lessons of old German. Sometimes new dialects arise from such conversations, for example, think of the so-called Kiezdeutsch. Languages ​​are not rigid, but lively and that is quite wonderful.

How important is language learning for integration?

It opens the People to each other, which is why it is one of the most important components of integration work.

As a tip from the expert: Is there a key sentence that should be mastered in every language?

We recently asked the same question in Team discussed. The romantic colleague called the classic "I love you", the pragmatic colleague found "I'm hungry!" important. I think you should know greeting phrases, um Contact to connect with people.

How old is your oldest student, how old are you youngest?

I know from an 89-year-old, who attended an English course in our training center in Kiel. In general, retirees come to us relatively frequently, who want to go through once more after the end of their professional life.

That for life Things to Learn so it's already in people's heads. Our youngest language students in the children's courses are four years old. Many parents today want their children to grow up bilingual.

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