Who visites invest would do well to think about his own attitude first - and then learn what rich, successful investors do better.


Your attitude as an investor

To be a successful investor, you should too Ask put to your attitude. Even though they're simple questions, they're designed to get you thinking about them, and maybe even your answers with the Peopleyou your Trust give, have to discuss. My rich father asked me the very same questions that required an examination of my conscience and helped me find answers. You could say that I carried my personal answers to my investing questions and just had to pull them out. What makes the 90/10 investor different from everyone else?

One of the most important aspects special attitude of the 90/10 investor. My rich father often said, "If you want to be rich, all you have to do is find out what everyone else is doing and then do the exact opposite of that." You'll find that the biggest difference is between the 10% of investors who own 90% of the money earn, and the 90% who only earn 10%, is not in the investments but in the way they think. For example:

A question of education

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The right attitude is above all a question of Education. But how do you measure the success of your Vocational Training? Is it the certificate on the day you complete your training, let's say on the day Age of 25 years? Or is the effectiveness of the training measured when you are in pension go, say at the age of 65?

I often hear people say, "I won't need a lot of money when I retire because then my cost of living will be lower." While it's true that the cost of living can go down, there's a cost that comes at this age often drastically increases, namely the Costs for your own Health.

For millions of older people, health is becoming a matter of life or death. To it all clear to say: if you have money you can live, if you don't have money you could die. The question is: did these people's education prepare them for the financial challenge at the end of their lives? And everyone should be financially secure in such a way that no government financial and medical support is needed at the end of their working life.

The difference between "not enough" and "far too much" money.

A lot of people say, "If I make a lot, I won't have money problems anymore." They don't realize that too much money is just as big Problem is like not enough money. You should learn the difference between the two types of money problems. One problem is lack of money. The other problem is an overabundance of money. Few people realize how big a problem having too much money can be. One reason so many people become bankrupt after making lots of money is because they don't know how to deal with the problem of having "too much" money. In this book, you'll learn how to start when you don't have enough money, how to make a lot of money, and then how to deal with the problem of "excess" money.

In other words, you should not only know how to make big money, but more importantly, how to keep it. As my rich father remarked on this subject, "What's the use of making lots of money if you end up losing it all?" A friend of mine who is with me shares once said to me, "The average investor doesn't make money in the market. I've seen so many investors make money one year and all again the next verlieren. "

Who is a good investor

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According to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), an "accredited investor" must meet the following requirements, among others:

The SEC introduced these entry requirements in the US, according to which only accredited investors in certain asset classes and assets invest may protect the average investor from some of the most consequential and risky investments in the world Welt to protect. The disadvantage, however, is that these regulations keep the "normal" investor away from some of the highest-yielding investments in the world. For this reason, too, my wealthy father's advice to investors is: "Be better than average."

Don't be annoyed

I remember this story from my childhood: One day I came home with my first-grade report card, on which my teacher had written, “Robert needs to learn to be more assertive. He reminds me of Ferdinand the Bull (from the story about a bull who sat in the bullring and sniffed the flowers his admirers threw at him instead of fighting the matador - happens to be one of my favorite stories Mother). All the boys tease him and push him around, even though Robert is a lot taller than them.' When my mother read the report card, she was thrilled.

When my father came home and read it, he turned into an angry bull instead of one sniffing the flowers. 'What does he mean about the other boys pushing you around? Why are you letting them push you around? Are you a wimp?” he asked, dwelling more on the comment about mine Behavior out than about my grades. When I explained that I was only following my mother's orders, my father turned to my mother: “Little boys are bullies. Learning how to deal with bullies is important for all children. If they don't learn how to deal with such people early in life, they'll grow up without guts and later become bullied as adults. Being nice is one way to learn how to deal with bullies, but when things don't work out the nice way, you have to learn to fight back." My father asked me, "And how do you feel when the other guys picking on you?" I started crying and said, "I feel terrible. I feel helpless and have Anxiety. I do not want to go to school. I want to fight back, but I also want to be a good boy and do what you and Mom want me to do. I hate being called "fat" and "Dumbo" and being pushed around. What I hate most is just standing there and taking it. I feel like a wimp. Even the girls laugh at me because I just stand there and cry.«

My father turned to my mother, glared at her for a moment, and let her know that he didn't like what I learned. "So what do you want to do?" He asked me. "I want to strike back," I said. “I know I can beat her. They're just little bullies chopping on people. And they think it's great to pick on me because I'm the tallest boy in my class. Everyone says I shouldn't hit her because I'm taller. But I hate just standing there and doing nothing about it. I wish I could do something. They know I won't do anything, so they bully me in front of everyone else. I'd like to grab it and blow it away. ”

The elegant way to solve problems

"You don't have to hit her," my father said softly. “But let her know in some way that you're not upset anymore. You have a very important lesson to learn about self-respect and standing up for your rights. Don't hit her. Use your wits to let her know you're not upset anymore.” I stopped crying and felt a lot better than I ever did Eyes wiped and Courage and self-esteem returned to my body. I was now ready to go back to school. The next day my parents were asked to go to school. My teacher and the school principal were very upset.

When my parents entered the room, I was sitting on a chair in the corner, spattered with mud. "What happened?" my father asked as he sat down. "Well, I can't say the boys didn't deserve it," the teacher replied. "But after my note on Robert's report card, I knew something would change." "Did he hit her?" my father asked with great concern. »No, he didn't,' said the director. “I watched the whole thing. The guys started teasing him. But this time, instead of just standing there and taking it, Robert asked her to stop. And yet they continued. He patiently asked her three times to stop. But they mocked him all the more. So Robert went back into the classroom, grabbed the boys' lunch boxes and dumped the contents into the big puddle of mud. As I rushed across the lawn, the boys attacked Robert. They started hitting him, but he didn't hit back.” “What did he do?” my father asked. "Before I got there to stop the scuffle, Robert grabbed the two boys and pushed them into the same mud puddle." It was my way of showing I wasn't upset anymore.

What do the rich do better?

But what are rich investors doing better and differently? The simple answer is: you have more idea. Also of what's in Future can come to you. And you recognize the signs for in good time change. Because when change occurs, it usually happens Resistance. In recent years there have been many examples of people recognizing the opportunities that arise in a time of change.

  1. Bill Gates became the richest man in the world because the older generation at IBM didn't recognize the changes in the market and the law. IBM's investors lost billions of dollars.
  2. Today, 20-year-old information age companies are founded. These buy up the industrial age companies, which are run by 45-year-olds.
  3. Today, 20-year-olds are becoming billionaires because the 45-year-olds have failed to see the opportunities the 20-year-olds saw.
  4. Today there are 20-year-old self-made billionaires who have never worked in an employment relationship. At the same time, there are 45-year-olds who have to be retrained for a new job.
  5. Instead of hoping to find a good job in a large company, more and more students are starting their own business from their dorm room. Harvard University even has a dedicated office to help students develop their start-ups, but most of all, to encourage students to stay at the university.
  6. At the same time, half of all employees in one of the largest employers in the United States earn so little that they are entitled to food stamps. What happens to these employees when they are too old to work? Was your education appropriate?
  7. Home classes are no longer an exception. Today the number of children being taught at home is increasing dramatically.
  8. More and more parents are looking for alternative education systems, for example private schools, church-run schools, Waldorf or Montessori schools, to take their children out of an outdated state education system. More and more parents are realizing that the early upbringing of their child is as important for development as the later study.
  9. Simply put, the information age will bring about economic changes that will dramatically widen the gap between the well-paid and the have-not. For some people these changes will be a blessing, for others a curse. For others, these changes won't make a difference. As my rich father said, "There are people who make things happen, there are people who watch things happen, and there are people who ask, 'What happened?'"

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