who the annoying procrastination wants to tame, must first of all understand where the Motivation comes - and where the resistance comes from. Get to the bottom of the cause!

motivation-pig dog

Step 1: Where does the resistance come from?

The first step is to find out where your inner Schweinehund actually buried. To do this, imagine the following Ask:

Checklist: Find the pig dog

Step 2: Find creative solutions - you can do that

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At some Uni the same lecture is given by different lecturers, in Companys sometimes also changes Executive from one year to another. You could use that. Be creative to discover your very own solution strategy.

Checklist: How to find your solution strategy

Step 3: take responsibility

In the course of this cause analysis, you will notice that it is time to decide to develop a solution strategy that is personally suitable for you. That it's time, the cause of this Problem no longer to be ascribed to the stupid professor, the impossible schedule, the lousy boss or, or, or.

Even if that might be true, it won't get you anywhere. You need these Solution. You already know why. And even if you don't like it: That's why you take responsibility for your own progress from now on. You'll find that you'll feel better about it.

Step 4: What could make your approach easier?

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But you should not only track down your resistances, but also find out what motivates you:

Checklist: Your impulses

Make a note of at least three ideas, how your works and Things to Learn could modify and change from now on. Small changes are usually enough, theirs Effect is still surprising.

Step 5: turn off troublemakers

Eliminate interference in the first place. What are your favoriteTricks your inner bastard? This week, don't take your co-worker out for a smoke every 30 minutes. Just let the phone ring or put it down. Ban the TV, don't check emails or WhatsApp messages for the next hour.

Not without reason, there are now even software solutions that for a pre-defined period both the receipt and the sending of eMails block. Other software will shut down your Internet access within a set amount of time, for example for 60 minutes.

Write down in writing the 3 main distraction maneuvers of the inner pig dog and directly on how you will then tackle it.

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