Pictures shape our reality every day - and this everywhere. We buy milk-bags with the image of a happy, healthy cow on the pasture, and the thought of just such a cow is our milk.


Pictures arouse feelings

Whether it is the simplest signs on road signs that tempt us to follow the road ahead in road traffic, or advertise the quality, joy and taste of new products:

Pictures speak ours emotions to: And without having to think about where the milk in the bag really comes from, it ends up in the shopping trolley. The picture gave us a good feeling. Human emotions are directly influenced by images.

Strong pictures decide for us

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It is just such strong images that make decisions for us. In advertising, on the road, in the Everyday life and in the Job. We are subconsciously influenced because a picture says and conveys so much to us. It communicates with us without having to speak, goes straight to the mind and stays there for a long time. Images are unambiguous and allow messages to be understood as they are meant to be understood.

The heart represents love and affection, while the lightning bolt represents danger and discord. With these and similar symbols, feelings or messages can be made much clearer forms, than words could. In every language and in almost every country, you can understand each other through pictures, even if it's not the same language or script that you share.

And it is precisely this aspect that can give you an extraordinary advantage. Because even if we speak the same language, the reception of the said words is different for everyone. We are shaped by experiences, values ​​and external sources. But one thing we all share from an early age: the language of images that makes understanding a shared experience.

Pictures and their effect

Things to Learn Therefore, use the following exercises to find the right symbols and let them work for you. Tell your counterpart what you want to express so that he understands you, agrees with you and becomes active himself.

In order to find the right symbols and form pictures, we first ask you to be aware of pictures in your immediate vicinity. You can see how these affect you on a daily basis. Take a moment to do this, look around the next time you go out. Which pictures do you notice, which symbols are near you?

Discovery tour: observe the surroundings, find, see and understand images

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If pictures really such a strong Effect have, your commitment is correct, important and certainly often already used. You can certainly think of many examples. But maybe you would like to know more about it: Where are pictures hidden that you have not noticed or only marginally noticed?

Make a conscious effort to search and photograph everything that catches your eye. A lot comes together after a short time. From the pictures draw up a gallery to be able to continue working with it better:

Consciously perceive images

Now make further notes about the individual images:

Of course the answers to that Ask subjectively from your personal perspective. That's also intentional, because at the moment it's all about your own perception.

Only through this first step is it possible to consciously experience the power of images. You will find out exactly how this works in the second part tomorrow.

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