Done with that Study, and off to a successful professional career? Freshly graduated graduates in particular are often surprised that their applications do not work despite the alleged shortage of skilled workers.

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6 frequent reasons for cancellation from our consulting practice

After completing their studies, they look forward to their dream job and then it rains rejections... “Unfortunately, we have chosen another one Candidates decided” – hear this statement Candidate unfortunately often.

Often they do not surprise us. The six most common causes for cancellations that we experience in our consulting practice are listed here - and the tips on how to deal with it right away:

1. Application only to well-known companies

When asked: “Where did you apply for that”, we are often only given the industry leaders or very well-known brands. Most graduates hope to start their careers with a big one Company or even a corporation. But the big brand names can pick raisins. Corporations often get several hundred or even a thousand applications for one position, whereas smaller companies and less well-known names rarely get more than a hundred.

Tip: Look for pearls beyond the mainstream. Send your application documents to Hidden Champions. Refer to employer reviews like Greatplacetowork or search for Glassdoor and Kununu.

2. No professional goal

Why apply Are you actually at company XY? Because you have a career and a good one Money to earn would like? These arguments have nothing to do with your professional realization in exactly the targeted company. HR and specialist managers want to know which one Objective You have and can find this in your application documents. Graduates in particular apply too often for everything and nothing.

Tip: Analyze yourself and your career. Which professional goal suits yours Power and yours Curriculum vitae? In the Orientation helps career coaching and careers advice.

3. Lack of work experience

Without professional experience, it is difficult to start a career. Many applicants are not aware that they have more work experience than they think. Everything counts, including the promotion job and the unpaid development of a marketing strategy for the website. Many graduates collect during their studies Competencies in university projects or compulsory internships. What is the Definition from work experience? This is experience one for the Job needed. So just Courage and the right preparation in the CV.

Tip: kick confident on. Your internships, university projects, voluntary work Tasks are also work experience. It is important to create a personal reference to the position in the application documents and to show that you have dealt with the topic.

4. Application / Photo

Sometimes you score with good grades, practical experience and experience abroad and yet you are not invited. Then it can also be due to the form of your application documents and/or your photo. Surprisingly often we see photos that immediately negative Trigger associations, which many applicants are not aware of.

Tip: External appearances shouldn't matter, but the decision-makers are only People and consciously or often unconsciously reject application documents with a bad photo.

5. Too bad notes

With bad grades, i.e. worse than 2,5, the application documents are probably not at the top of the application stack. Even in popular and large companies, a bad grade is unlikely to get you through the first Online-selection. Nevertheless, there are reasons for bad grades - and they are put into perspective by the average of the grades.

Tip: Say how the average score was when you know this to make your poor score relative. Apply to companies where grades are less important. Try it at smaller companies, the competition is usually not so great.

6. Too long study time

There are several reasons why some students spend more time studying. They range from illnesses to secondary jobs to the care of relatives. There are also motivational problems.

Tip: If you extended your studies because of a stay abroad, a job-specific internship or as a working student, no Problem. They have gained professional experience or have acquired language skills. Explain the long duration positively.

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