Status is not permanent. In every encounter it is renegotiated again and again, also with Peoplethat we've known forever. The exciting thing about status is that this assignment takes place unconsciously.

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Why do we behave like this and not otherwise?

It happens like this: The body language, voice, what is said and the manner of speaking are “scanned”. Then in a matter of seconds decision met about how we behave.

It is only in retrospect that we often ask ourselves why we have behaved in this way and not in any other way without a clear answer. If we are aware of these processes, we can make targeted changes.

Dominance or adaptation?

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By status behavior is meant Strategies, to conscious and unconscious Set to reach. We choose each strategy based on what we consider more useful and useful in a given situation Success keep more promising. But how does this status behavior arise?

Status behavior arises within us, invisible to others. Depending on how we assess a situation, how we perceive our communication partner and how we see ourselves at this moment, our sense of status varies – and with it our status behavior. Outwardly we send through our Behavior then signals aimed at dominance or conformance.

The reality as a cutout

We only perceive a section of reality. The perceived is processed and evaluated by our individual inner filters. This rating depends on ...

Only after decide us how we react to it.

An example

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Now let's take a look at this process with a concrete example.

  1. Situation: You are talking to a colleague who acts dominant and instructive towards you.
  2. You perceive in what tone the colleague speaks to you and assess the extent to which you feel the behavior of your colleague as appropriate. Probably you find it inappropriate, after all, you expect an appreciative deal with each other.
  3. Your general opinion about the colleague is included in the further evaluation as well as your view of yourself: whether you like the colleague or not, if you consider him more competent than yourself, you are afraid of him ... All of this is included here.
  4. Your response then depends on how you compare yourself to your colleague: if you see yourself as less important or valuable than yours, your behavior will be different from what you think is just as important and valuable.

Deep status or high status?

This means, depending on whether you are in the deep state or an internal high status, your response would be different. So either take it quietly or lean against it.

Not that we misunderstand each other: both low and high status are in favor of a clear one Communication very important. The only question is in what form. Anyone who overdoes it with dominance will achieve just as little lasting success as someone who totally submits. That's why I have it eye level-Status developed.

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