The automation of work and the associated threat of job losses is a hotly debated topic - also on Best of HR -® where a corresponding contribution so far 4.000 readers has reached. But what should one actually do if one is really quit?


Does automation destroy jobs?

Indeed analyst Mariano Mamertino has so far Best of HR –® Almost 4.000 readers informed about the impact that automation can have on the job market - and which occupations also in Future.

Other experts also speak of drastic changes and rapid job losses. The reactions to the post show that many People fear for their job as a result of drastic changes in recent years, not least due to digitization.

Fear of the imaginary threat

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This is understandable, but still problematic: because with such fears in the back head, an imaginary Damocles sword often floats above one that paralyzes one's own productivity and in the worst case even makes it ineffective.

It is better if there is a real reason to fear a termination, to consider what one can do well. For many, the dismissal is such a shock that they are doing the wrong wronglessly, because they can not at this moment fully grasp the whole scope of the situation.

This is not only due to the existential threat that this situation poses, but also to the social stigmatization that is associated with this situation for many people, because they often hang on Workplace collegial friendships, the personal social structure and also a certain make.

Termination - the first reaction

A first step, therefore, is to admit that you are in shock at all - and to do nothing for now - at least nothing that is a sensible, rational one decision requires.

Anger and anger should also be kept to yourself in such moments, because whoever goes on a confrontational course will become Executive Resist it and that will only reduce the basis for future negotiations on the general conditions of the departure.

Just do not sign anything!

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Almost more importantly, do not sign anything in such a situation, especially not a cancellation contract. Because its agreements are binding and can not be reversed by you later!

Anyone who wants to sue his dismissal has three weeks to do so. No reason, therefore, to let the employer put under pressure, if, for example, the signing of a canceling contract.

Always be prepared

Better to wait in peace until the first shock subsides and you somewhat again clear can think. Then you should get in touch with people you trust Choice, your partner, friends, one Training and discuss it with a lawyer.

But you can also prepare yourself in advance for a possible termination: Since today everyone has to expect to have their job closed again verlieren, one should ensure that the Curriculum vitae is a product that can be sold at any time - preferably by constantly being informed about which ones qualifications are in demand on the labor market and regularly Jobs scoured.

10 Immediate action for job loss

What should you do if you become unemployed? The situation is not easy. We show how dealing with the termination can still be successful. And what the 10 most important first aidMeasures are.

  1. Open eyes! If you suspect that a contract is imminent, you can prepare yourself: pay attention to what is happening in your company, clarify smoldering conflicts - this helps to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  2. Just no actionism! : Do not react from anger or fear somehow, but first think in peace and then proceed in a timely manner!
  3. Don't sign anything! Often, during the break-up talk, there is already a cancellation contract ready on the table. Do not be put under pressure: whoever signs the cancellation contract can not change it later.
  4. Think time requested:  Ask for time to think - at least for a few days. In the meantime, you should consult a lawyer for legal advice and seek advice.
  5. Just don't feel sorry for yourself! : A time of mourning is required after a job loss. But do not waste time with unproductive self-reproaches, but rather with the help of a coach, consider whether you yourself have made mistakes and what you want to do differently in the future.
  6. They are not defenseless: Even if you feel overwhelmed by the job loss and feel that you are faced with the facts, make sure you can do something!
  7. Think positively: First, write down anything negative about the situation. Then ask yourself: "What can I not change myself?" and "What can I do about it actively?"
  8. Use any help: They do not have to stand by you all by themselves. Look for support in private life. Husbands, partners, friends and family members can show you that you as a person are worth something without work.
  9. Looking for professional help: Often the family can only offer consolation. A coach can help with the reorientation after a crisis and in professional networks you can learn about new job opportunities.
  10. The settlement settles: A lawyer not only helps with a lawsuit, but advises you comprehensively on your rights - for example, when it comes to your severance pay: lawyers know which different factors can play a role in your individual situation and they know the currently valid legal provisions.

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