How important is it for success on the job that common role models are used? And should we just in the course of the discussion on the compatibility between Job and family finally move away from clichés?

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Sexism can also be very subtle

The topic of sexism is on everyone's lips: the incidents in Cologne at the turn of the year, MeeToo, outcry - and also the high-heels petition in Great Britain. Because sexism and discrimination against women are unfortunately not always very obvious and have many faces, especially at work.

It also shows, for example, antiquated clothing regulations. In the UK, there was a recent petition against high-heel force. This case will hopefully make school.

Petition with more than 100.000 signatures against PricewaterhouseCoopers

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Nicola Thorp, who had been mediated by a temporary agency company at PricewaterhouseCoopers, had filed a petition against regulations that obligated her to wear high heels - more than 100.000 British signed.

A proof that many women are at least under the prevailing notions of female clothing. Because high, pointed shoes can lead to defects and affect the entire body.

High heels are less stable

And: Who on high heels uncomfortably through Office or stalks over trade fairs is literally less stable than comfortably standing colleagues. Or do men complain about uncomfortable shoes?

The fact that high heels nevertheless so incredibly great popularity, should also be because they are considered a typical feminine attribute.

High heels are historically men's shoes

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And professionally successful women in particular want to counter the idiotic accusation of being too manly act.

In the process, these roller-skates are paradoxical, since paragraphs were reserved for men in the historical origins. Apparently firmly grounded visual habits can change!

Sexism in Marketing

At the end of to earn also a lot of people good Money remember: style consultants, for example, talk women into what is typical female has to be. And manufacturers want a new shoe collection every year merchandise.

The fact that women could also wear more comfortable men's shoes does not fit into this Concept. There are also shoes that look unisex chic and match the shape of the foot, from the Austrian manufacturer think, for example. Unfortunately, such innovative approaches have so far been the exception.

More courage, women!

It remains to be hoped that more women will Courage to take action against this and similar sexism and, for example, to wear comfortable shoes - that would be a simple but effective step towards equality in the literal sense.

With this discussion in mind, I've been wondering if it might not be time to reconsider certain stereotypes – such as those of being particularly masculine or particularly feminine Behavior at work. And around clear To show how absurd these are sometimes, I chose a particularly stark contrast: cowboys and high heels.

Pure sexism: bosses should be strong and masculine?

A Study of Technical University Munich has shown that happy women are not believed to have the will to lead. Scientists say it has to do with the stereotypes in our heads. Because superiors should please confident and be dominant, then they come across as strong leaders.

Typically female behavior patterns, on the other hand, tend to hinder progress in the job. Women who are willing to pursue a career are therefore advised to look as feminine as possible in order to be taken more seriously: tie the hair together, look older with glasses and best wear dark pantsuits.

Media cement the images in the heads

Just recently, a top manager reported in her highly regarded book about how she made it to the top with such inconspicuous behavior.

In this way, however, the stereotypes cared for by men and women are still cemented. A disadvantage, because in reality, the stereotypes of society have long since set out - more than many are dear.

Cowboys in high heels

This shows, for example, an exciting discussion that came up recently in my blog: Not a few men want to wear high heels in public and in the job - and take this request for granted.

And in more conservative Banff, deep in western Canada in the Rocky Mountains, I came across them a while back SALE "Walk a Mile in her Shoes" - where men pursue exactly this pleasure. Seasoned cowboys in high heels? Or your own Executive?

We do well to question role stereotypes

Difficult to imagine - but why not? Why should only women be allowed to take on the role of the opposite sex? This shows how absurd the role stereotypes in our heads really are. And that, given the social developments, we would do well to rethink them thoroughly. Also and especially when it comes to our everyday work.

Then we would no longer have the stupid discussion of how women manage to combine children and a career. Because that's not always easy - not even for men, as a recent case shows. Because some time ago the story of a man went through the press who was fired on his first day at work after six months of parental leave.

This shows two things: Such discrimination now also affects men, who are just as affected by role stereotypes. And the compatibility of child and career is still a big one Problem.

What to do specifically against discrimination?

But what to do Employees in such cases against discrimination? 2 concrete steps help:

Step 1: Clarify your own goals

For the entrepreneur Sophia von Rundstedt is therefore Communication important: “An employee should think carefully about how personal Set appearance:

Step 2: Talk to the boss in good time

“Then you should talk to the boss about what these decision for career and that Companys means ”, says von Rundstedt, herself the boss of 300 employees, 70 percent of whom are women.

After all, a lot can happen during parental leave. "It's about weighing things up together and finding suitable models," she explains Mother of two children. Unfortunately, flexible regulations are often opposed to rigid laws.

Women fail at their bosses: how the quota can help

Communicating is not always the right thing to do Solution: A current US study by the management consultancy Bain and Company shows that women often fail in their job due to male-dominated role models and a lack of female role models. The women feel too little support, especially from their direct bosses.

Sophia von Rundstedt also knows such prejudices. The women's quota could help clean up the roll-up, but she did not go far enough.

The right company and the right partner

"We need the quota not only in supervisory boards, but also in the executive boards," she says. What can women do themselves? "networks”, advises von Rundstedt, who is involved in the Working Moms association. “Women in particular often underestimate how important this is for their own advancement.”

What if the boss or your own partner are not willing to compromise? "Then," says von Rundstedt, "you should think about whether the company is still the right one, or to what extent the relationship with the partner is good."

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