In the past days and weeks, some messages have made me think about a topic that is always a little neglected: Children and young people grow with Facebook and Co. and take this for granted. But is this really the case? Aren't there dangers lurking there too?


uniebook and his responsibility

Last week, Facebookthat the current filter settings for young people between 13 and 18 years of age should be canceled. At present, the content of these age groups is not available to outsiders to protect them. This will then change.

At the same time, the sister of Mark Zuckerberg wrote a book about a girl who wasted his time with technical equipment. The work, entitled "Dot", is intended to elucidate the problems of early handling of technical devices.

Why paternalism is worth it

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If we go back to the target group, there are reasons why this form of paternalism Sinn makes: Im Age zwischen 15 und 18 apply many young people opt for internships and apprenticeships. In many companies, it is considered good form to take a look at what the Candidate im Internet . make

In addition to the risk of being drunk on party pictures, there are also statements or content that you might not want to show your potential employer 1: 1 when you apply.

Privacy Settings: But how to serve you

Now, of course, you can argue that the target group also knows about the privacy settings. If one assumes, however, one thing becomes clear: most people know of the presence, but less of the operation.

This is not least due to the lack of media literacy of teachers, parents and the students themselves - true to the motto: Where to take and not steal, this conversion can mean a rude awakening.

How can parents protect children?

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So what can you do to support the children? How can you protect your children from the dangers of digital media?

Because most children and adolescents know about the presence, but less about the operation. What did Zeus speak? To actively support his children in the use of the Internet.

Checklist: 4 Tips for active social media usage

Who really active in the future circumstances want to react, some things should come out as a kind checklist make:

  1. Contact us! This is not about relieving the child of the attitudes, but a seminar or course would be conceivable, which is about the correct handling of Facebook clears up. There is a whole range of seminars or videos on the net, which take up the topic in a funny and vivid way.
  2. Self-action! Anyone who gives their child a Facebookcreates an account and means it is good, you have to ask yourself whether that is really good. Maybe the good old photo album is sometimes a lot more modern than a facebookaccount.
  3. To take responsibility! Only those who actively monitor developments and changes around Facebook pursued - and that does not mean daily research, but to follow the topics in the big daily newspapers - is in the position to act at all. This creates the basis for something as abstract as media literacy: the goal is not expert status, but knowledge of possible dangers.

In the end, only one thing helps: active action

Just as people used to pay attention to which friends and acquaintances their own children had and, if necessary, influence them decision took by indirectly giving hints about one's own discomfort, today one has to Facebook look similar: Only if I know who Facebook is and how it works, I can handle it.

The thought of the good Network has long been forgotten and so it is important to (finally) actively deal with it - and that means more than giving a hint at the dinner table.

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