The inequality between men and Women im work life topic of discussion. There is a lot of talk about diversity, why is nothing changing?

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Awareness of diversity is growing

Women are the key force for Innovation and change on the job market. Meanwhile also growing in Companys the realization that women in management not only promote diversity and thus the image, but that a higher proportion of women also has a direct effect on profits in the company.

So it's not that the subject isn't talked about very much. But why is there comparatively little going on here?

Equal opportunities: a lot of talk, little result

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The fact is: A lot has been written and talked about equal opportunities and similar topics. But, and this is the remarkable point, little has been published about how organizations do more Structure and could offer support to ensure the advancement of women at the highest corporate levels.

Unfortunately, it is also a fact that only a few of these organizations and companies offer the right conditions for women and men to work at home.

What can women do to escape clichés?

In addition, the image of women on the job market is still largely dominated by the stereotype of the housewife. But what can women specifically do to advance their careers and break away from these clichés? A study has revealed what helps them Ascent helps and which factors hinder their career.

If you look at the career experiences of one of the successful managers, it becomes clear: Executives, line managers and senior colleagues seem to be the key here.

The importance of mentoring

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In interviews, many women mentioned the support they received from one Executive (often male) to provide opportunities, encouragement, challenges and Tasks to manage something.

They also mentioned that it is permissible to fail and learn from the mistakes, provided that these mistakes are then transformed into learning experiences.

Relationships and networks support working women

Noticeably often, comments such as “Working with an inspiring boss who gave me the opportunity to try out new things for myself” were made in scientific studies.

It seems that the relational element of organizational life is the provision of formal Strategies and practices that support working women far predominate.

How important are supportive cultures?

While there have been some mentions of supportive organizational cultures that have promoted equality, structural conditions do not appear to be the key feature of career advancement.

While enlightened organizations their Employees (women and men) through Coaching- and mentoring systems, regular performance reviews, talent and succession processes, there still seem to be many places where there is a lack of organizational support.

No room for talent management

The main areas mentioned relate to the lack of or limited career opportunities within a company Organization, no Training or mentor and lack Feedback.

Comments such as “Lack of future prospects in the current organization”, “There was no talent management in the company” and “Longer-established employees in positions with no plans to move sideways or up” indicate organizations that are adapting to the Significance little awareness of internal career development and promotion planning.

Abandoned by the company

Many of our respondents felt abandoned by their company when they found that career paths were not obvious, sometimes blocked, and that women who wanted to develop and develop received little encouragement and opportunity.

Some mentioned that plum jobs were given to men or “favorites” rather than the best person for the job, others mentioned “shoes for dead men” and others just talked about lack of awareness of vacancies until late.

Disadvantage for later

The lack of a coach or mentor has been cited on many occasions and it seems that Peoplewho did not have such a relationship at the beginning of their career later found it to be a disadvantage.

The fact that we have someone who can challenge, support and act as a sounding board has been seen as crucial to career advancement and development. Formal coaching and mentoring systems seem to be more common today;

Absence of a coach or mentor - Lack of advice

However, many women mentioned in the study that they had no coach or mentor early enough in their careers and therefore could not plan their careers. Another factor was the "lack of guidance in the early days" or the "numerous career obstacles in the first 10 years of her career".

This suggests that finding a coach or mentor early on in professional life can be of great benefit to women. So maybe the secret is not finding a woman-friendly employer, but a direct supervisor who will support you. Our tip therefore: Leave it to the organization, but identify your own coach, mentor or role model.

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