Can one recommend to entrepreneurs the use of Social Media unrestricted? The answer is in principle yes. But anyone who works internationally should definitely know the regionally important forums, communities and channels.

Marketing in different cultures: social media worldwide

Social media worldwide as a marketing channel for companies

More and more entrepreneurs are already relying on social exchange in the Internet. And that's good. After all, you can learn a lot about the target groups and your own image in public. However, don't limit yourself to social media.

Whether Facebook, Xing, Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace or the VZ networks – the Online-Networks are becoming increasingly popular. Many former work and school colleagues hold the uncomplicated one comfortably over long distances Contact .

Social media - a global phenomenon

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And because more and more subscribers are registering, the pressure is increasing to be there. The social networks have now become a global phenomenon.

Fac has around 24 million membersebook alone in Germany. There are even a good 845 million participants worldwide. After all, 225 million accounts are assigned on Twitter. LinkedIn has 135 million members worldwide. The figures document the change in our Welt – away from letters and eMails, chats, tweets and online comments.

Choose the right language

Even if entrepreneurs and private individuals are increasingly operating internationally, many neglect the regional and cultural peculiarities in social exchange. English speakers Company often rely on the fact that they use the world language.

However, users prefer to exchange ideas in their native language. So it is also advisable to address the users in their own language. Especially communities that speak Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and also Arabic are growing rapidly. Chinese could soon become the most widely used language on the Internet.

Multilingualism - more than just translating

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To act multilingual, however, is by no means to translate your own messages and tweets into other languages. Research is important in order to address users in a targeted way. Cultural preferences play an important role.

Regardless of whether Twitter or Facebookaccount, a separate profile should be set up for each country. Finally, spoken Canadian French is not the same as Standard French in France. And the Spanish-speaking Americans should also be in the Eye keep.

Rules for international social exchange - an overview

Global Market finder

A helpful tool is the so-called Google Global Market Finder. When entering your own product and a region, the tool shows how often the language and services are searched for.

Legal advisors also provide information on the restrictions on advertising in the target countries. This is how sales can adjust.

Include cultural differences

Even if LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are known worldwide, they do not have the same dominance in every country. The Dutch love Hyves. Mixi is particularly popular in Japan, while South Koreans use Cyworld.

In China, Qzone and Renren top the list in terms of popularity. Vkontakte and Odnoklassiki report high user numbers in Russia and Orkut in Brazil. Northern Europeans, on the other hand, prefer it Business-Network Xing.

Each culture uses different channels

Next to them are Google+ and Yandex Choice to pull. Google+ has made enormous leaps in popularity over the past few months. Here, users divide their contacts into circles and distinguish between family members, friends, acquaintances and work colleagues.

Cultures use social channels quite differently. Brazilians like to blog. In Indonesia, tweets and retweets are prevalent. So they share the preference for Twitter with the Germans, but rather share information than to exchange with followers.

Social media trends are constantly changing. You can be curious how the priorities the user in Future continue to change.

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